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Into the Forest
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Published: March 26, 2009
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Into the Forest (No Fear of Wolves)

Mixed Media Drawing
airbrush (mechanical. not digital), watercolor, water soluble color pencils, color pencils, micron

nods to Audrey Kawasaki & John Bauer

Who wouldn't have issues after being cut from the belly of a wolf by a huntsman who just happened to be strolling by? Or was he stalking the wolf? Or Miss Red Riding Hood? Maybe Grand Ma still had some kick in her? In any case, Miss Red was no fool, & when she ventured out into the forest, she was prepared. Wolves were no longer hunting her, no sir. The stakes were reversed. It was not a good time to be a wolf in the woods...
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Mar 26, 2009, 4:50:20 PM
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PK4onlyProfessional General Artist
nice drawing/atmosphere... love your collages too :iconhowdyplz:
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thank you very much...the comment is very much appreciated
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jennymajeske Traditional Artist
love the trees and the sort of layered flat art nouveau-ness
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thank you...been a fan of kid's book illustrators & seems most of that work is a little flat/theatrical...works for me:) I kind of like the medieval approach to picture making...light on perspective, heavy on the layering of imagery
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John Baur trees?
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John Bauer trees? Yes. Good eye. Bauer is one of my major influences. The other artist whose landscapes are incredible & have a Bauer-esque feel to them is Tom Uttech...so really...a little of both.
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I am from the John Bauer country! So t was not that hard!
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incredible sharpness and detail!
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Thank you very much!
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you are very welcome!
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Fantastic. Nice rendering all the way around.
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Thanks very much. The feedback is much appreciated.
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hi, thanks for the feature!
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You're very welcome :)
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nellusatkoStudent General Artist
This is a brilliant work!
I enjoy it!
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I love your style.
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thank you. I find it fussy & time consuming sometimes, others, I'm at peace with it & can convince myself it's meditative (there's a fair amount of layering).
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Very nice! A bit different in tone than most of your work that I have seen and I like it. It's very active and draws me in. I don't feel like a detached observer, rather like I am observing and if I don't get out of her way she will walk right past me like a tree...or walk right over me
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Hey D!

Thank you. yeah...I wanted Red to have issues (fear manifesting as aggression?). I sort of see her as a backwoods country waif...hat's a little too big & out of fashion...guns are an anachronism to the hat (but the guns are an actual design :) research! obsession!!)...I have another kind of version floating around in my head...another heroine (well armed) vs. a hussar (a different kind of wolf, maybe?)...

You good? We're in friggin probate here. :(
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Probate's...well, probate. Sorry. I know it sucks.

I'm okay. A bit melancholy this week but I'll get through it. The good news is that my peas, bok choy, spinach, and chard are up in the garden and I have all stages of tulips poking up...and the apricot trees are going to bloom, despite the deer.

I wish I could write. It's been a very, very long time. My heart is full, but words seem to have deserted me. I feel like a can of coke that's been shaken but nobody is stupid or brave enough to pull the tab...certainly not my muse.

Can you have an absentee muse, sort of like an absentee landlord? You never know when it will drop in or if it will give notice but you know that if it had completely gotten rid of you there would have been a notice from the bank saying who had taken its place...

Don't mind me. I'm removing the popcorn texture from the upstairs ceilings this weekend. Physical labor is a good thing and it's a good transformation for the ceilings. They are in better shape than I thought. Still, I am going to have to learn the fine art of plasterer.
Hugs all,
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I wonder if depression is like muse-garlic? Or if brilliant depressed writers were only brilliant because on top of their depression they had addiction? My response to being uninspired is to draw anything- just as a reminder to myself that this is what I do. It seems every now & then I can think up a joke. Beyond T., you're my first victim:

A young nun decides to go for a walk in the forest & finds herself confronted by a huge grizzly. The fearsome creature stands up on its hind legs. The nun sees its massive claws & knows it means to make a meal of her.
"Wait", says the nun, "While I have served God most of my young life & would be happy to take my place in Heaven, I am enjoying my life & have no desire to die. Is there nothing I can say or do to convince you to spare me?"
"Hungry!" roars the grizzly.
Again the nun asks, "Is there nothing I can say or do to convince you to spare me?"
"Hungry!" roars the grizzly again. "And...a little lonely. Perhaps a hug?"
The young nun spreads her arms to embrace the grizzly.
"Stop!" roars the grizzly. "You have to be naked."
"Why?" asks the surprised & blushing nun.
"Because", answers the grizzly, "It has to be a bare hug."

I'm not sure, but I think this is inspired by Munch's "Omega & the Girl"
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