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Venom's Family Tree



UPDATED 11/23/16: Added the newest host to the Venom symbiote, Lee Price, as he first appeared in Venom (Vol. 3) #1.

UPDATED 7/27/16: Added new image for Toxin II (Eddie Brock) for his updated design. Added Mercurio-Venom from Venom: Space Knight and Raze from Carnage #10 (2016). Expect another update in the next few months adding the new Venom (host VI) once revealed in the new Marvel NOW! (2016) series, Venom (Vol. 3).

UPDATED 2/9/15:Added Groot-Venom, Rocket Raccoon-Venom, Drax-Venom, and an image of the "All-New Venom" under Eugene "Flash" Thompson's entry as per events from Guardians of the Galaxy: Planet of the Symbiotes.

UPDATED 8/25/14: Added Hybridpool after his brief run in the comic book miniseries, Deadpool vs. Carnage.

UPDATED 2/18/12: Thanks to Redditor "bserum" for reminding me that, technically, Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm, and She-Hulk were possessed by the Venom symbiote pre-Venom, meaning that their possessions are subsequent to Spider-Man's bond with the symbiote.

UPDATED 2/14/12: After an illuminating conversation with fellow Venomaniac MySonsdram on The Venom Site's reddit forums, I have come to the conclusion that I've been identifying the cloned spawns all wrong. Only one of the spawns (She-Venom II/Mania) are true clones, whereas the rest of the cloned spawns are actually deviant spawns. Here's how he reasoned it: the symbiotes of the Life Foundation (as I call them, the Foundation Five) and Scorn's symbiote were actually extra seeds from the Venom and Carnage symbiotes, respectively. This was pointed out explicitly in Venom: Lethal Protector when the Life Foundation created the Foundation Five, in which the evil scientist/business guy (forgive my forgetfulness of his name if he had one) says something along the line of, "behold, the last son of Venom" and mentioned that after Carnage, they had discovered five extra un-birthed seeds in the Venom symbiote's physiology. These five alternate seeds (the Foundation Five) and Scorn's symbiotes, in essence, were the unborn spawn that were left behind after Carnage and Toxin—the true spawns and the continuation of the main lineage—were born. Additionally, they don't constitute as "clones" unlike the She-Venom II/Mania spawn because they're not exact carbon copies. This makes those symbiote spawns deviant from their true spawn siblings. This also means that symbiotes reproduce in litters, and that I need to update my "Symbiotes 101" article.

UPDATED 12/6/13: New 3-panel format, with one panel for each distinguishing class of symbiote: True Spawns (Main Lineage), Cloned Spawns, and Temporary Bonds. Reclassified She-Venom II and Mania as cloned spawns as per the Mania symbiote's origin story (revealed in Venom #42). Added: She-Carnage (Tanis Nieves); Ms. Marvel-Venom (from Siege: Spider-Man #1); Mr. Fantastic-Venom, She-Hulk-Venom, and Invisible Woman-Venom (from Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #2, which is arguably canon); Carnage (Wizard); and the Superior Venom (from The Superior Spider-Man #23). Made a few edits here and there to existing entries, too.

UPDATED 8/26/13: Added an entry for Andi Benton, a.k.a. Mania, as debuted in Venom #38 (2013). I'm still unsure how to classify her, and will update this at the (sad) end of the Venom series come issue #42. Also added back Phage/Rampage (Carl Mach), who somehow got deleted from previous files.

UPDATED 4/16/13: Added a new image for Eddie Brock's Toxin "Broxin" entry, depicting is new form a la Declan Shalvey. Also reclassified Scorn's standing as a forced spawn of Carnage's after a wonderful discussion with PaddysDemon and my final verdict as per my blog post on The Venom Site's blog, Mind Bomb, titled "Symbiotes 101: The Biology and Behavior of a Fictional Alien Race".

UPDATED 6/30/12: Added another Eddie Brock entry...this time as the new host of Toxin! This was revealed at the beginning of the currently-running Savage Six story line in the monthly Venom title. I'm happy to see Eddie with a symbiote again, hoping he will revert to his Lethal Protector ways after his tour with Crime Master, but even more anxious to have him back as Anti-Venom, which was one of the best moves Marvel did for him, and it was a great disservice to both Eddie and his fans when they took Anti-Venom away. Anyways, Eddie is Toxin!

UPDATED 4/12/12: After the events of Venom: Circle of Four and Carnage U.S.A., the following have been added: Venom-Hulk-Rider, Phage (new), Riot (new), Lasher (new), and Agony (new). Had to expand the tree into two separate Inspiration 8 files, because supposedly I can't make files bigger than 16 MB. Hopefully the chart is still clear. Again, you'll have to press the "Download" button on the right to be able to read any of it.

UPDATED 7/27/11: By popular demand, I have included Spider-Carnage, Carnage Cosmic, and Carnage (John Jameson).

UPDATED 7/15/11: Credit to Kiekan88 for providing images of Trevor Cole and Ramon Hernandez, as well as informing me of Phage's name controversy. Phage's bubble now includes the proper name in parentheses.

UPDATED 6/25/11: Now includes corresponding character illustrations, years of each character's first appearance as a symbiote host, and red lines to trace the true descendents of the Venom symbiote line (excludes forced spawns, like the Life Foundation five, and temporary copies, like the She Venoms).

Yeah yeah, I know it ain't art, but I thought a lot of fanboys and girls out there could use a nice, solid Venom Family Tree reference guide. This includes every major host of the Venom symbiote, the She-Venoms, and the children of the symbiote - both legitimate and bastard children - and their children and so on. Hopefully it's big enough to read. I'll update it once the new She-Carnage host name has a solid confirmation. And as an added bonus I colored each balloon to the colors of the individual symbiotes (the very thin stroke of each balloon is also colored appropriately, but you might not see it).

Venom and all related names (as listed above) are copyrighted property of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. I do not claim any ownership to this deviation.
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This is awesome great job. Now with venom movie out, and venom verse. You should update.