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+Logo+ One Piece High School OPHS by TenshiNoFuu
+OPHS+ School Bagde by Shenira
+Stamp+ OPHS One Piece High School by TenshiNoFuu
OPHS - Chara Profile Template STUDENT by TenshiNoFuu
OPHS - School Time
=OPHS= Heba and Zoro .:think:. by Heba-Asawa
=OPHS= Heba X Zoro .:.Sleep.:. by Heba-Asawa
OPHS! by dalibabe91
=OPHS= After art class by dalibabe91
OPHS - Sports Time
=OPHS= In the changing room by dalibabe91
=OPHS= Heba Asawa basketball .:. by Heba-Asawa
=OPHS= Twerking in gym by dalibabe91
=OPHS= School grounds by dalibabe91
OPHS - Clubs Time
=OPHS= Heba X Zoro .:basketball club:. by Heba-Asawa
OPHS Blizzard's Soccer Routine by XfangheartX
I believe i can fly!I believe i can touch the sky! by NitroRed
+OPHS+ Sabrina and the cheerleaders at the pool by EmiTheOtter
OPHS - Dorms Time
Sarana D. Chrissy by SaranaDChrissy
=OPHS= Singing my heart out by dalibabe91
=OPHS= In the dorm room by dalibabe91
OPHS - Outside Campus
nami by ArbiesArt
nojiko by ArbiesArt
Portgas D. Ace and Arbie by ArbiesArt
OPHS: Chilling Out by XfangheartX
OPHS - Chara Profiles
+OPHS+ Yuuna's Profile by lovehearttune
OPHS Application -Kyrin Asari- by XCrackedxButterflyX
ophs chara profile- Sen Hack by EvilSmile00
+OPHS+ Bianca Di Fiore Profile by Nyugu
OPHS - Club Applications
Blizzard's OPHS Application by XfangheartX
.:OPHS:. - Sabrina M. Japelj - Cheerleading by EmiTheOtter
+OPHS+ Fuu Cheerleader Application by TenshiNoFuu
OPHS - Single Group Pictures
OnePieceHighSchool OC by triptime245
=OPHS= Lunch break Collab by dalibabe91
+OPHS+ Group Collab by dalibabe91
+OPHS+ Collab by dalibabe91
OPHS - Comic Pages
Fantasy and Reality by Samurai-Poet
=OPHS= Mini comic by dalibabe91
HOH Cover: Heart of Hearts by xHaniMilkshakex
True Feelings by k7t
OPHS - Smile for Me
Smile For Me - Cover (One Piece AU) by renealexa-diary
OPHS - The Best Gift
The Best Gift - Cover (One Piece AU) by renealexa-diary
OPHS - I Still Remember
I Still Remember - Cover (One Piece AU) by renealexa-diary
Stamps - Icons - GIFs
OPHS - Styles MEMEs Miscellaneous
=OPHS= Photo booth collab by dalibabe91
OPHS - Halloween 2012
OPHS Halloween: Dress me up game Ivankov by Kimesama
OPHS - Christmas 2012
OPHS - Valentines 2013
+OPHS+ Valentines Chocolate Lesson COLLAB video by TenshiNoFuu
OPHS - Sakura 2013
OPHS - Dorms Room
Dorm Room by Shenira









Members from AFFILIATES, feel free to participate in our activities. Submissions in OPHS's Gallery are open (with moderation) to you as well :bow:



+Stamp+ OPHS One Piece High School by TenshiNoFuu

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: FOR WHO IS THIS GROUP :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:damphyr: Anyone who likes One Piece, One Piece OCs & One Piece AU (Alternative Universe) happening in High School ^v^ Just click on the "Join" in the top bar and after the admin vote, you'll be accepted :dance: Requesting to join as a member means you accept the rules of our group, so please read them carefully :reading:

:damphyr: If you just wish to follow what other people in the group are posting, and keep up to date with our contests or events, click the "Watch" button :dummy:

:damphyr: We wish for everything here to be friendly, so we hope you're joining this group with the same intentions, be it for the comments or even the type of deviations submitted :ninja:

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: HOW DOES THE GALLERY WORKS :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

:damphyr: The main gallery is reserved for OPHS deviations, meaning drawings/stamps/doujins made for the AU created by renealexa-diary

:damphyr: We accept drawings, animated art and fanfictions. Real photographs are NOT included though, so cosplay pictures or artcrafts should be submitted in the Favourites Gallery :+fav:

:damphyr: All the works presented in the group's gallery must be YOURS (or at least with the maker's express authorisation and his/her name mentionned first thing in the description) and respect DeviantART copyright policies. If you edit a base, be sure to follow the base-maker rules and please give his/her name at the end of the artist's comments with the link towards the base :pat:

:damphyr: Everyone deserve their credits so it would be nice if you can always credit the canon characters or original backgrounds in your author comments (a small " Eiichiro Oda" would be a wonderful way, as well as "OPHS Concept renealexa-diary" as she was the one to come up with this AU in particular. :star:

:damphyr: All deviations are subject to approval by an admin, so please be a little patient with us and don't press "Submit" several times, it won't help us, on the contrary :meow:

:damphyr: The "Featured" folder is reserved for official deviations such as logo and templates :nod:

:damphyr: Please choose carefully the folder in which you are submitting, so that the gallery stays in order ^v^ We tried to give appropriate titles for each of them, and you will find a complete description in the left column of each folder ;p

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: WHAT WON'T BE ACCEPTED IN THIS GROUP :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

:damphyr: All deviations unrelated with OPHS should go in Favourites or in other groups' Gallery.

:damphyr: We want to keep the group friendly for everyone no matter their age and their 'sensibility' so to make it short, please NO harsh violence, NO hardcore Yaoi or Yuri, and NO porn.

:damphyr: We would also like this group to be a place for creating and sharing pictures about things we love, not things we dislike, so NO bashing, NO anti-something pictures and NO slash either. If you don't like an anime, a character or a pairing, be my guest but go and share your hatred somewhere else...

:damphyr: Besides, even if it should be obvious, NO art-thief either.


You're of course welcome to discuss these rules with us by notes (^_^) so that we can reach a common decision :emailsend:

Group Info

~ Gakuen AU by ReneAlexa
~ OP OCs are welcome to the Pirate / Marine Academy
Founded 7 Years ago
Aug 16, 2012


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Fan Club

110 Members
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dalibabe91 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
 When I have a chance I'm gonna edit Krissy's last name to Alvarado instead of Moshroca.
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dalibabe91 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Just to let this group know, I haven't been able to do some art of my Ocs because of no computer but I can still attempt to draw on my cellphone on a drawing application.

So it'll take me awhile ^^;
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XCrackedxButterflyX Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if my OC is showing up for review for the character profiles folder? My computer's been acting up a lot lately, and it's not showing up in my correspondence messages, so I just wanted to make sure. ^^;
LeafeonFan0001 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Student Artist
We should have a contest for Winter turning into Spring ;P
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