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Colored Pencils Shading Tutorial

By Opheroth
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This is a tutorial of how I make gradients blending colors, and since :iconallisonandike: asked for some tutorial like this and later more people asked for a tutorial, I've made this, hope this gets useful to you and every suggestion is very welcome, since this is my first tutorial here :)

Thanks for the Daily Deviation :iconaawplz: and for all the favs, There are a lot to thank each one, but I'll answer all the comments, maybe it will take some time, but I'll answer.
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wow, how do you get such a strong color? it's very pretty

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Thank you n.n

That strong color is because of the pencils, I use Prismacolor, they're very bright and intense, but I usually mix them with a cheap brand, because the cheap ones don't have so much saturation and I can color subtle tones with them, opposed as with the prismacolor, is difficult to have very subtle tones with them.

I hope I helped you :)

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thank you so much :D

i always thought i wasnt pressing very hard with the pencil crayons, and that's why i wasnt getting the color, but i am happy you told me my mistake was the pencil crayons and not me :)

i think you might want to know where i found your tutorial from - a link is at the very end leading to your tutorial, i just wanted to tell you this so you know haha :D

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I'm very happy to see that I'm helping more artists and that my tutorial went beyond Deviantart, it really means a lot to me, thank you for let me know about it Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1]

Also you could try puting the tip of your color on water if you want a strong color, like if you're using ink, on some colors it makes it to paint more intense color, but it will also make your pencils last less than they should, it doesn't work with all the pencils, but I used to do that sometimes before knowing about prismacolors n.n

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you're welcome :D

oh, that works with watercolor pencil crayons haha i've tried that once, but im not that experienced, so the color is very inconsistent ^^;

i have colors of not that high quality so that explains it haha they're crayola ^^;

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Are you on PC or on phone? I think the Phone version doesn't have chat yet, it could be faster than comments >u<

SapphireSeafoam's avatar

i am on PC xD

i find chat convenient, did you send me a text just now? haha i should look at it ^^;

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Great tutorial!  So helpful.  Thank you!
Opheroth's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
khaliah's avatar
Ugh I've struggled for so long with colored pencils.
Finally, a tutorial that my goofy self actually understands!! lol

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Thanks, I'm glad you find helpful this tutorial :hug:
PlainfacePonders's avatar
Quick Question: could I get this in some smaller, easier to print chunks? Its proving to be obstinate  
Opheroth's avatar
Sorry if I don't get it well, my english is not as good as it should, but if you mean to print the tutorial or make a printable of this, then of course, just don't forget to credit :)
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This tutorial was super helpful! Thank you so much
Opheroth's avatar
I'm glad it was helpful ^^
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Thank you so much.
The white pencil really makes a difference.
Opheroth's avatar
I'm glad it helped you ^^ :hug:
Berylvia's avatar
My drawings will look better thanks to your tutorial, I can't wait to start :D
Opheroth's avatar
I'm glad to hear that :) I would love to see your drawing when it's finished :)
Berylvia's avatar
Sure! But it might take months since I won't be allowed on the computer when school starts XD
Opheroth's avatar
Don't worry, I'll be waiting :)
Berylvia's avatar
Thanks! I'll mention you when I upload it :D
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Tried this method in here. It helped!
A nice day at the beach by LlTTEN  
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