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Yesterday has gone

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Model, make-up, hair, retouch: :iconophelia-overdose: 

Photographer: Hart Worx

Make-up used: I AM SIN
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Let me start out by saying that I have been a fan of your modeling work and makeup//hair skills for years. I admire what you do and how well you do it. The majority of your photographs are just splendid to look at, there are VERY few that I don't like, but even in those you still do an amasing job.

I love how bold your work is. It's strange and different and weird, but at the same time you also have very soft pieces such as this one. Your hair just makes you pop out of the photo. At first I thought, oh she should have had softer pink hair for this, but the more I looked at it the more I realised that wasn't necessary. Your natural hair looks so much better. The pink hair would make it boring as it would be too many pink hues.
Your skin is very soft and silky like a doll's and your expression reminds me of a doll as well. It also very much so fits the title 'Yesterday Has Gone'. You look very nostalgic of the past day or so.
Your makeup and outfit are both subtle and gentle just like the background you're attached to. I'm not sure if the flowers in your hair were a must, the photo could work with or without it, but I like them in it. It gives something else to add and make it worth seeing even more. I for sure love that it's a change of shade of pink to stand out from the background more.
{ Your other photos with this bed are beautiful as well, this one is just my favourite }

Keep up the lovely modeling work, Ms. Overdose c: !
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The image is undoubtedly beautiful. It gives an immediate sense of serene nostalgia, mostly written in tha lady's face. Also, as it is not an overdramatic image, and that I appreciate about it; that kind of feelings are the ones which are kept inside: not the ones you can you can see, but the ones you feel. This picture gives me that feeling: the distorted background, the softness in the colours...

What amazes me the most is the expression. It gives me chills, for that it's perfectly captured. Sad, lonely mayhap, a broken but calm heart... Very good job, lady, this is truly a great photography.
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HMMM Where to start? Soft,light and Beautiful. Just our first impression. From the bed and wall fixture, we find ourselves in a Lady's bedroom. From the quality of the fixtures and her undeniable Grace, a Princess perhaps? Awoken from a long sleep. The lifeless flowers in Her headpiece would indicate it's been quite a long time. The Lady seems non-the worse for wear. A face of Patrician Beauty from those Lovely eyes to the full pouting lips. And the wonderful Red tresses cascading down all that flawless white skin. Restraint on behalf of the artist, this is a wonderfully understated piece. It's subtlety adding greatly to it's effect. Just Lovely.
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You're beautiful! :D Love your expression here. :) 
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Sweet and lovely!! :love: :heart:
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Wunderschönes Portrait. Sieht sehr natürlich und trotzdem aus wie aus einem Traum :heart:
So very beautiful and sexy and sexy...
Your name here on DA is very ironic.  It has the word "overdose" in it, yet I can never get enough of your pictures!  :)
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Agree totally, pictures are amazing ^^,)
Lovely expression!!!
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stunning beauty !!!!!
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u always look like a goddess
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I love this so much!  Your hair is really beautiful, all the ringlets mixed with the soft waves.  I like the soft lighting and romantic feeling of it too <3
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this is simply beautiful.
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Really beautiful.
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your beautiful art has submitted in :iconbestda: in best of March… thank u :)
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Love how soft the photo is! Beautiful. :heart:
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What camera was this taken on?
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Beautiful styling. I still cannot believe that is your real hair Heart 
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