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Lovely Kitty Wonder

:bulletblue: Costume was commissioned and shot exclusively for Hello Kitty :D :bulletblue: 

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Model, make-up, hair, retouch, costume+wig design : :iconophelia-overdose: 

Photographer, set design: Moritz Maibaum

Fashion: Miss Overdose

Make up used: Sugarpill Cosmetics 

Thanks to Sarah for the assistance and Daniel for the location!!!!

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I really love how the woman's gorgeous hair is irresistibly soft and beautiful, how her eyes are gentle and lovely, and how the flowers increase her beauty. This image has a light, calm feel to it, as if the woman is a goddess. The reveal of her silky, healthy, lovely skin can make you become attracted to her. All the white and purple colors give you a sense of mystical wonder, getting you curious as to who she is. It's as if her face is beckoning you to come closer to her.

One thing that is very appealing to observe is the long curtain behind her. It looks like it could be two wings attached to her back. I love the hair the most because hair is always gorgeous and beautiful on a woman who looks like an angel, fairy, or goddess. This beauty right here looks like all 3 put together. I am so attracted to her and her hair, eyes, lips, and skin. Such beauty!
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This is a good image that could have been great. The fogging/mist effect is just a bit too much. Just a little less would have gone a long way to improving the image. Also, the photographer and/or staff should have caught that the wig wasn't sitting just right (the bulge over your left eye) when the photo was snapped. Perhaps it was set in a way which wouldn't have allowed for a better look from this same angle, but if that was the case then another angle or pose would have been a better choice. It looks like there was a lot of potential here. The wig/headress look great, your outfit looks great, your makeup looks great... there's a mystical quality to the whole image that hints at its potential. Overall, this image for me is like seeing a ballet dancer do nearly everything superbly, except when it's time for a lift, the partner keeps messing it up. Many complex and sophisticated elements to this image were done very well, and then a few things done very wrong.
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Just crit on your other Hello Kitty outfit.  Both this and that I enjoyed how the Hello Kitty-ness isn't blatant but when I look carefully I can't deny it being there.
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you did an incredible job Ophelia! :D so happy everything turned out well for you :heart:
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What a beautiful dream! At first I thought it was rather serious, but when I noticed the crown I giggled. I love the Hello Kitty crown! :happybounce: Giggle 
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Very nice, it's a dreamy picture, would have been more amazing if you could see her eyes more clearly, now the "fog" takes it away the charm of the model and the constume and everything she's wearing. This is an opinion. I can imagin that this picture is what the photographer had in mind.

So keep up the good work :)
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That extra touch, the mist! Love 
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Lovely indeed:)
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Wow. This is too amazing!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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ahhh omg<3 <3 :kitty: i want to wear this for my wedding! lol soooooooo cute. great photography and modeling. kudos!
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