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Kitty Kouture

:bulletblue: Costume was commissioned and shot exclusively for Hello Kitty :D :bulletblue: 

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Model, make-up, hair, retouch, costume+wig design : :iconophelia-overdose: 

Photographer, set design: Moritz Maibaum

Fashion: Miss Overdose

Make up used: Sugarpill Cosmetics 

Thanks to Sarah for the assistance and Daniel for the location!!!!

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

The muted pastel violets and French gray go well together, while the white from the hello kitty pins are just enough to keep things from being too monochromatic. The open parts of the outfit showing skin serve similar purpose in breaking up the flatter less dense areas of the outfits, such as the French gray color leather of the torso and skirt. They also make it that said areas don't contrast too greatly against the more dense areas of the outfit such as the flowers on the crown, right shoulders, and sides of the skirt. The breaking up of the flatter areas by showing of skin implies density by breaking those areas into pieces. The usage of both symmetrical and asymmetrical details shakes things up just enough, which is a feature that encapsulates this outfit for me. I enjoy how the hair and the sleeves have the same puffing out shape but how the hair is dense and the sleeves are flat yet texturally I know they are both soft. I feel the sides of the skirt emulate the shape of the hair and sleeves as well giving the outfit a 1, 2, 3 beat visually. I see the shapes of the crown and skirts where the straps flair out and back in as repeating each other as well in a 1-2 beat. Along with singular cutout shapes in the chest and torso as a whole, the outfit has a nice usage of 1, 1-2, and 1-2-3 repetition of shapes. The outfit feels like an orchestra to me due to the varied repetition of shapes in it.

I think you could have easily dialed in something more expected, more stereotypical, but thankfully you didn't. I could see that before doing a google search for "hello kitty outfits for adults" and thankfully your design here helps burns what I saw via said google search from my memory. All and all good job, I don't even like Hello Kitty, but I liked this.

Tempted to give you all 5 stars, but feel that be unfair in the eyes of some, originality and technique I got to give you five in both regardless. However, as much say I hate to say it, the outfit could have probably been more clearly Hello Kitty. Yet had you done that I probably would not felt compelled to write a critique on it. That said, looking at the character, she does typically wear monochromatic clothes with some small splashes of differing color; your design does the same. You simply went to the darker end of the spectrum, replacing white with gray, pinks with violets, and perhaps ironically the white of Hello Kitty herself as highlights.
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Absolutely STUNNING!

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This looks so nice, I like how the swirls on the dress match your wig!

sydneyrome's avatar
Amazing dress.. WOW!
great photo i love how it is lit.
brianmcbugger's avatar
I'm floored. Absolutely fantastic work on your part. This is iconic. One of your best ever. Favorited with enthusiasm.
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Isn't the top Mother of London?
PorcelainPoet's avatar
It's not Mother of London. And Mother of London is aware of this piece. If you get my drift... 
kittywoodphotography's avatar
Yeah I know the situation, I was just curious if I would get ignored or not!
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I'm pretty sure Ophelia Overdose knows about it too and has decided that she doesn't care. Which makes it that much more unfortunate. :hmm:
kittywoodphotography's avatar
She knows about it, I was hoping to draw some of her 'fans' attention to it!
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DD needed
awesome colours
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This gorgeous work has been featured here: People and Portraits Spotlight Vol. 114.
Looking forward to seeing more art from you at devPREMIUM.

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Everything is so fantastic ...this is one of the best I have seen you make. The colours,the head dress and costume all come together to create a
elligant but naughty "you". Makes me want to see what the shoes must be like as that really would make the picture complete. Bravo Ophelia very nicely done. James
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very nice work
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Love the outfit, beautifully modelled :heart:
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wow that is what i call art
lumberjacck's avatar
Oh, such a fine outfit! :D (Big Grin) 
OrphanedSoul's avatar
So totally gorgeous!
ElspethDark's avatar
It's a stunning costume, though when I think of kitty I think more pink or bright or bling, this is almost a gothy kitty
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Excellent work! I really like the lighting! Very polished image! :rose:
GoGo-T-W's avatar
I think this might be my ultimate favorite thing you've done.
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