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Fuck the system

Fourth pic from my shooting tour in London!

Photographer: Marco Ribbe

Model, make-up, styling, retouch: :iconophelias-overdose:

Armour: Girl Armour (
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A GREAT MODEL, A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER, A GREAT POSE, I WOULD GIVE THE MODEL A PERFCET SCORE OF 10 ALSO A 10 TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER, + 5 MORE POINTS TO WHO SIT UP THE GREAT POSE! I love the outfit, the only thing, I would do to make it better, is put some shiny leather thigh high boots, with a four inch or higher heels, and reshoot the picture showing off her whole body. A body that beautiful needs to seen 100 %, nothing less than that will be right. A in that pose she must be pictured in a series of pictures, not just the one.
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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Amazing photo! Brilliant shot from a beautiful model.
Amazing costume, hair, colors and make up.
I simply love the expression of the model.
The pose is gorgeous.
I can feel some nobility, style, like the Queen.
And I can see some kind of Gaga look and style. I don't know if it's in connection with it or not, it's just my opinion.
The background is simply, not kills the photo, simply amazing.
So this picture is some kind of piece of London, classy, stylish and loveable. Perfect and beautiful model, skilled and amazing photographer.
This picture motivates me to practice photography much more to become this good.
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Which orifice do you use to fuck the system? :D "God save the Queen!"
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Rule Brittania! Fuck the US System & Fuck the US Government!
Are you single? Are you dating? Do you want to date anyone?
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Absolutely Stunning.............!
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A 'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN' Sex Pistols nouveau Punk look :headbang: :rofl: >>> :heart: it, Ophelia. Well done sweetheart :clap: ---> :+fav:
Carlos ;)
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Only you know how to make alternative rebellion look so sexy! This is a great shot<3
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Amazing, and I love the title
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As a Cockney Rebel-I immediately identify with this statement! Nice tonal gradient in background with a 'paintely' feel. Interesting flanking illumination and overexposure in headpiece-visually flavoured with the suggestion of fairey (candy) floss. A pleasure to see the Union Jack on you! Punk theme continued in the metalwork (suprised to see conduit saddles). Strong reflectivity inferred by (dig?) pseudo highlights (I am probably mistaken, but I think the faux reflections in the left lower quadrant of left breast are too abstract to convey 'reality', none the less you remain surrealistically PERFEKT! Always luv your body language-but, don't understand the right hand pose? Definitely: 'DISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM',
but counterstating:
That would be you-O
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Whoa! Eins deiner allerbesten. :deviation:
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The model is absolutely stunning, and I love how clear and crisp the colors are. Also, the outfit is fantastic!
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i love your work
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my new favorite !!
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The system doesn't deserve the pleasure of being fucked by you.
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Thank you very much dear Marco Ribbe and Dear Ophelias-Overdose
For sharing this explosive collection...!!!...:heart:

Your Great Artwork is featured in
:iconart-portraits: ...and...:iconaction-portraits:
you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:
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you are looking like lady gaga here
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IIIIII loooooove iiiiiit! (i'm saying this while i'm singing like a tenor xD)
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I love all your artwork, but this is my absolute favorite! AMAZING!
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