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Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations and private pictures [link]
... and don't forget to check the facebook page of the awesome photographer Moritz Maibaum [link]

:bulletblack: Find a blog entry about this shoot here :bulletblack:
[link] :bulletblack:

Model, make-up, styling, retouch, wig design: :iconophelias-overdose: |

Photographer: :iconmoritzmaibaum: |

Costume design: Antiseptic Fashion :iconantisepticfashion:

Studio: House of Virtue, Los Angeles

*Shot in Los Angeles*
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

Your piece would be strengthened with less light. You have an incredible composition, your costume is brilliant, and your pose is dynamic and creates multiple S-curves that strikes an interesting balance as you lean one way and the chair leans the opposite way. You've set a mood for a really intriguing story and the lights are stealing it away...almost bleaching out the impact of your intent, or at least what I imagine your intent is. You should try a few things with your lighting to cast more shadow on the scene. For example, if you remove some of the front lights and change the overhead light to a creepy rusty overhead lamp that barely works, you'll remove a lot of the bright highlights on your pants and cast a deeper shadow on the floor. You should also try swinging the lamp a little and shooting.

I'm curious about the title of this piece. All I can assume is that YOU are an antiseptic or that in some way, you provide a cleansing power to others. Your eyes and hair give me the impression of those nurses from Silent Hill, except you're wrapped in leather. Have you considered adding another model to this shot? If not, what about a prop? If you had someone in that chair and you were kind of sitting on their lap on the edge of the seat, you could increase the creep factor quite a bit and give a Willy Wonka meets Silent Hill feel. This is all of course based on my own perception of your intent for the piece.

Also, the hair. It's perfect, don't change it.
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Thanks a lot for this fabulous criticism!!

*smile* The silent hill nurses really inspired us to create this mood for a shoot :)
Ofc, we thought about adding another model to this set but it ended up like this, and the other model was photographed separately.

I called this piece 'Antiseptic' cause it's the name of the designer, we worked for.
Playing the 'psycho' in this shot was fun, this character was definitely septic :)
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This photo has a unique feel that seems to reflect a 1800's Settler Vibe with the rich brown tones and the "antique" quality of all pieces used (both the corsette and wheelchair). There is a sinister deviant taboo quality about the neck corsette included with the waistline corsette, reflecting women's forced adherence to subordination, a step further into depravity (in almost masochistic way) of an already depraved midwest.

The woman and chair are clean in contrast to the grimy wall position behind that, almost like a wall women faced during those days that has long been there.

A weird way to see this photo is that it was born out of a very very elderly women's reflection, at like like 100 years old. Living from 1860-1960. Who was rebellious & sexual until she died, loving the freedom and wall breaking Elvis was beginning to do. Having seen the the women's movement during WWII. So the hairstyle repression freedom of expression, mixed with the corsette's (the neck & mouth signifying her repression culturally, which gives her a lust in her rebellion) topped with the wheelchair (her age).

A stillshot image of a little known woman's perspective on life.
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Thank u very much! Really appreciated reading it!!!
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Interesting and curious work. She has nice clothes, especially the boots, who are very cool.
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my dream outfit :O <3
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You look like a crazy girl, but you look so cool!!!
so creepy, so dark... Jus love i!!
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Her eyes make this. So awesome.
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:shocked: This is very different! It's unusual and very Bizarre!
Who designed the leg cuff? That's good Leather work!
The Make up is also well done. She must have stepped out the Steam punk time machine!
i love those boots! who're they from?
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Very nice pose, great outfit and setting!
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Cool! Great costume, composition, and attitude!
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I love this photo. It's unique and very creative :)
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LOVE those eyes!
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Loving the old-timey wheelchair, and how it looks like she has gold metallic legs. :D
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Just great!!! I love Antiseptic Fashion!
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The eyes are a bit scary
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I love the imagery here; I got a 'forgotten marionette' vibe from it. In fact, when I saw the thumbnail at first, I thought that's what you were going for (the dripping paint effect on the wall behind you lends itself to the appearance of strings above your head). The costume is great as usual, and the creepy wheelchair is a great addition to the shot.
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You know, I always love both the technical and artistic value in your work, and yet I was stunned to realized "I am not watching her?!?!?" Rest assured that moronic oversight has been remedied.
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Oh, also, I would LOVE to see a higher rez version of this.
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:clap: :party: We have moved your amazing artwork to our home page slideshow and Featured gallery for April [link]

Strike a Pose!
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I love how everything goes together so well. The mask, wheelchair, the wall, the outfit. I get a very mental restraint feel of it. Very creative. Everything is great about this photo! :) You have a very skilled group: congratulations, good luck, and great job! :)
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