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Project X Zone Pair Unit: Sonic and Shadow
Pair Unit: Sonic the Hedgehog & Shadow the Hedgehog
A: Spin Dash & Homing Attack
Info: Sonic used Spin Attack toward the enemy and uses it again behind the enemy. Shadow uses his Homing Attack three times.
Status: None
A + Left Pad: Homing Attack & Chaos Spear
Info: Sonic used Homing attack three times on the enemy. Shadow launched three Chaos Spears
Status: Down
A + Right Pad: Sonic Boost & Chaos Boost
Info: Sonic used Sonic Boost about 4 times (first by the front, second by the back, third by the front, and finally he jumped and used it again by the back). Shadow powered up with Chaos Boost and attacked with hand-to-hand combat.
Status: None
A + Down Pad: Stomp & Spin Dash
Info: Sonic jumped, used Stomp, and used hand-to-hand combat on the enemy. Shadow used Spin Dash in front and used hand-to-hand behind the enemy.
Status: None
A + Up Pad: Super Transformation
Info: Both hedgehogs transform into their super forms with the seven Chaos Emeralds. Super Sonic launched himself
:iconmaggamtales:MagGamTales 11 6
Project X Zone 2: Sonic And Shadow Quote List
(Pre-Battle Conversation Quotes)
(Captain Commando)
Sonic: Hey, do you have any Geniuses Commandos? Because my best pal, Tails may easily put him to shame and he is just a kid!
Captain: Yes… He is also BABY Commando.
Shadow: ...Well, that sure shut YOU up.
(June Lin Milliam)
Sonic: Hey, June, could you throw your ring so Shadow & I could do a Light Speed Dash!
Shadow: Ugh, that is not one of OUR rings, you idiot! Besides, June needs it to fight!
June: Well, I am fine for testing it out for experimenting. It always comes back to me, anyway.
(Leon S. Kennedy)
Sonic: You know, Leon. We had our fair shares of going through haunted mansions too.
Shadow: However, instead of zombies, we fight ghosts.
Leon: ...Well, let’s pray for my sake I never face them. I don’t want to waste ammo and anything I literally can’t hit.
(Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey)
Sonic: Man, Nick, where were you when I had been accused by committing crimes that other h
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 16 22
ProjectXZone: Sonic n Shadow's Paired-Up Dialogue
(Pre-Battle Dialogue)
Shadow: Sonic, if you are not going to act seriously, at least focus on the enemies!
Sonic: Um, sorry. I just can’t help but reminded of a fighting tournament I was in when watching Bahn fight.
Bahn: Oh really? Maybe we should talk about it after this battle is over!
Tron Bonne & Servbots
Tron: So this Eggman guy is a robot inventor. Heh heh heh. How about you show me where he lives sometime?
Sonic: Hey, that would actually be a good idea! What do you think, Shadow?
Shadow: No. We would just be losing one mad scientist and gain another.
Shadow: Vashryon, try to act seriously! Just showing off with those flips!
Vashryon: Hey, this is how I always fight! Besides, Sonic doesn’t seem to care that much. Right?
Sonic: Nope. If that is your style, go for it. Personally, I wouldn’t be seen holding those things!
Lindow Amamiya
Lindow: So boys, how about we see if we could get any drinks after this battle is
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 25 37
Klonoa by chao93 Klonoa :iconchao93:chao93 57 10






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