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Gyarados Detail

A detail of the gyarados from one of my deviations.
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That's a really awesome picture
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NEVER has Gyarados looked menacing!!
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I LOVE this dragon!
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This needs more "LOVE"! Your Gyarados is amazing, OMG the detail!! First of all, your colouring; it's magic on a stick, dipped in chocolate. I am really into the amount of shading here, how you've used several blue tones to accomplish a nice, realistic contrast, and the highlights are really effective. The fins are just... *dawws* gorgeous! Semi-translucent is VERY hard to do! I can see a bit of pearlescence in there too, as an effect of the aforementioned layering. As an added plus, you've stayed true to the original animation style and enhanced it tenfold. I am becoming a real big fan of your creations. Keep up the fabulous work!
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Great piece, Gyarados is Beast being able to 'float' but not fly.
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I don't know if you're aware or not, but someone else is claiming this picture as their own.

Here > [link]
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Reported. Thanks for letting me know.
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You're welcome. This piece is amazing, by the way :)
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You're welcome -again, haha. :)
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So pokemon profile pic month is coming up. And I would like very much to use your Gyarados as my profile pic. Because it kicks ass.
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be my guest, i'm all for gyarados love :D
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One of the best Gyarados pictures. Ever. I especially like the fin details.
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if this showed the full body, I would definitely get it as a tattoo, 'cause the detail is fucking great.
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This is awesome
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