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Death Angel Tattoo

A tattoo design I whipped up real quick like way back in Jan '07. My sister's friend Amanda asked me to draw her a "death angel" and this is what I came up with. She liked it and ended up getting it on the left side of her torso.
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Skeletons are so cute and  awesome
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Hello my name is Alex and I am the owner of a very prominent tattoo chain
in the South Florida area called Salvation Tattoo Lounge.

My team and I discovered your artwork on here and thought that you were
very talented. I'm not sure if you're interested in tattooing but our
company is the main sponsor for a tattoo school called The Master Tattoo
Institute. We sponsor scholarships that cover a large part of your tuition
that helps students pay for school to become professional tattoo artists.
Furthermore we hire the top student graduates from the school into our
shops. Below I listed some of the details for you to look over.

- 4-6 week courses
- Housing is available for out of town students
- Tattoo Artists earn an average of $150 per hour
- No obligation to stay and work for the company once the training is

If this sounds interesting to you and would like to have a discussion
please let me know and we can set up a time to talk. If nothing else I
thank you for your time and wish you a wonderful career.

Alex Zarfati
Salvation Tattoo Lounge
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your welcome! i hope you dont mind but when i can get a tatoo thats what im getting!
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i don't mind a bit :)
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Perfect for a Gemini like myself.
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I totally love this, idk but I like angels and demon sort to understand them but anyway I really like the death angel I really do for tattoo it depends but yea :clap:
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Very Nice(: I like your work(:

*~*They Call Me... TATER SALAD....jk I'm TR(:*~*
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I've seen this design pop up in a few places other than DA. I make sure to report it as fake and link back to here for the original every time!
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Thanks man, that means a lot. I'm thinking of getting the copyright to it, which is lame because in my eyes I feel I shouldn't have to pay for legal ownership of my own work, but that's the law for you lol. Anyway, I really appreciate that. You're a good guy :D
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Technically, all work is copyrighted to you as the artist no matter what especially if you can PROVE that you did the original. The legal copyright progress just puts it out there for everyone to know that hey, this be yours, back the hell off.
Isnt That The Design On The Rocking Angel Bottles?
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I just looked it up and yeah it looks like it is. Which means they're using it without my consent for commercial purposes.
get onto them about it and let us know how it goes
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I will. If somehow this bourbon blew up and became the next Cristal and rockstars and rappes were snatching it up I would be pretty raw about not seeing any money lol. But I doubt that. I might just buy a bottle, drink it and put in on a shelf.
haha yeah fair enough, its my favorite bourbon and its reasonably well priced, cheaper then jim and jacks
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do you know how long it's been available by chance?
as far as i know only since last year
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