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Les Mis Extended- Petit Gervais



My contribution to 'Les Mis Extended': Petit Gervais from Volume I of the brick- I mean... the book.
So for those who don't know where he fits into the story, I've summed up his entire plot importance in a few sentences.
After Valjean steals from the Bishop and is set free and he's reeling in that state of life-changing mental reflection, he sits along a highway and comes across a little chimneysweep called Petit Gervais who's on his way to a new town, carrying a few coins, the most valuable being only like 40 sous (something like 40 cents in the modern American dollar). Valjean steals it from him and the kid runs away crying. Then Valjean kinda sits there for a few minutes like "What the actual hell did I just do?" and tries to follow the kid to give his money back and apologize. He never finds him. After becoming an upright man Valjean sends word to all chimneysweeps to stop in his town and he would pay them each, in hopes of finding Gervais again, but if memory serves me I think he never sees him again.
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Love it! what a great idea to put Petite Gervais in the petition. Mine was much less original - Enjolras. One of like 20, lol!