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Prima Donna
That little tart sang tonight
In place of me
What does that girl have that I don't?
I am the star
No chorus girl could take my place
Especially her
I will remain the prima donna
The mangers assured me
As long as I have my beautiful voice
She will never be the star
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Thoughts on the Phantom
Thoughts on the Phantom : A Meg Giry Poem
As I practice my dancing
I glance up at the rafters
Is he up there?
The Opera Ghost
I am terrified of him
But I can't stop talking about him
And scaring all the other ballerinas
My mother warns me
But why would he hurt me?
I'm just a ballet rat
Although I must admit
Despite being afraid
I also am fascinated by him
Who is he really
And what does he have planned next?
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The Opera Patron
I attended the opera tonight
I saw someone who I never forgot
My sweetheart from childhood
The girl I knew as Little Lotte
She looked so beautiful
And her voice captivated me
I was still in love
And I love the woman she has become
Does she remember me?
Does she still love me?
My Christine
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The Ballet Mistress
As I instruct the ballet corps
My eyes stray
Toward the catwalks far above
I know he may be there
The Opera Ghost
The managers do not believe me
When I give them the notes
It is not wise to disobey him
Or gossip
As my daughter does
If I speak of what I know
I may live in fear forever
So I keep my silence
And tell the mangers
Only what he wishes them to know
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My Angelic Songbird
My Angel sang last night
Hearing her voice
From deep down in the cellar
Made me desire her more
She shall sing for me
I know she wants to see me
And she shall
Soon, very soon
She will belong to me
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 1 0
Behind the Mirror
I watch my Angel through the mirror
I cannot help it
I speak to her
She comes toward me
My heart is in my throat
When I hear her whisper 'Angel'
As she places her hand against the mirror
I place my palm on the other side
Cursing the pane of glass that lays between us
She wants to see me
I promise soon
Soon, my love, you will be with your Angel
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Coming Home
Coming Home
I have come back
I do not know why
But I tell myself
I am drawn to the Opera House
But that is a lie
He has beckoned me here
The man who still haunts my dreams
Who sings inside my mind
I stare at the large mirror on my dressing room wall
Cracked and covered with cobwebs
My twisted reflection stares back at me
Uttering a cry of shock and dismay
I collapse to my knees
And I sob as my face
Presses against the cool glass
Still weeping I hear a soft voice
Close by
I raise my head and stare again at the mirror
My tear stained face looks doleful in the glass
I listen to the voice
Its soft, melodic tones soothe me
And I will for him to appear
As if by magic
I suddenly see a distorted image
Appear in the mirror
I cry out beseechingly
For him to take me away
A hand appears
I snatch it
Before it can disappear
As he pulls me to my feet
I step through the mirror
Into my Angel's arms
I close my eyes
And drift into a peaceful sleep
Knowing I finally am where I belong
In the arms of my Ang
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 1 0
Lost Dreams
Lost Dreams
I have come back
I do not know why
But I tell myself
I am drawn to the Opera House
But that is a lie
He has beckoned me here
The man who still haunts my dreams
Who sings inside my mind
I stare at the large mirror on my dressing room wall
Cracked and covered with cobwebs
My twisted reflection stares back at me
Uttering a cry of shock and dismay
I collapse to my knees
And I sob as my face
Presses against the cool glass
My Angel will sing no more
As I feel the blackness cover me
I know my dreams will die
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 3 0
The Angel's Call
The Angel's Call
I am brushing my hair
In my dressing room
When the candles flicker and die
In the semi-darkness
I hear his voice
The Angel of music
His voice, so melodic
Enraptures me
Takes hold of my mind
I want to know where he is
I glance at the mirror
I see a masked man
I want to run away
Yet I am drawn to him
As I walk trancelike toward the mirror
I hear a faint voice outside my door
I disregard it
As the mirror opens
And the Angel takes my hand
And I enter his world of darkness
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Love Disappointed
Love (Disappointed)
Dancing in the ballet
Singing in the chorus
Is that all I was meant to do?
I want to be the prima donna
But I am so afraid
That I will be disappointed
I need my father
Or the Angel of Music he promised me
Where are you now that I need you?
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 0 1
Singing Wishes
Singing Wishes
As I dance with the ballet
My eyes stray to center stage
Where the star will sing
Oh how I wish I was her
It is my dream
Am I destined
To remain a chorus girl
Always wishing
And hoping
To be the one in the spotlight
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 2 0
I am standing
In front of the mirror on my dressing room wall
I gaze at my reflection
I wonder what is behind it
This magic mirror
Does it lead to a different world?
Is someone hiding behind there?
Or is the only one there the twin I see in the glass?
Perhaps my Angel of Music lives in there
The girl in the mirror smiles at that thought
At my dreams
Of what or who may be beyond the looking glass
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 0 2
In His Clutches
In His Clutches
I have been here so long
In his world of darkness
I wonder
Can I ever leave?
He will not let me go
Yet I have no wish to leave
Are my feelings my own?
Or has my Angel taken over my mind
Even when he is gone
I still can hear him
Within me
Deep in my soul
Lost in the shadows
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At the Opera
At The Opera
I sang again tonight
I sing at the Opera
But I sing only for him
My Angel of Music
I do not see him in the audience
Yet I know he is there
As I know he is waiting for me
Somewhere in my dressing room
Hiding from everyone
Will he ever come to me?
Or will he remain a figure in the shadows?
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Musings in my Dressing Room
Musings in my Dressing Room
Sitting at my vanity
Staring in the mirror
I slowly brush my hair
As I start to sing
I wonder
Is he listening?
My Angel
My Master
Who promises me my dreams
I only sing for him
Although I wish to sing for more
I pause and listen
As I glance at my mirror
Wondering if he will speak
And beckon me to join him
Sing with him
I start humming
But thoughts of my Angel never leave my mind
As I sit here
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 1 0
Waiting for the Phantom
"Waiting For The Phantom"
As I stare into the mirror
I wonder
Will he come again?
The strange man who haunts my dreams
Who hides in the shadows
Asking me to join him
I was frightened of him
I still am
Afraid of what is behind his mask
Do I not wish to see?
Yet I feel drawn to him
His melodious voice
So enchanting , hypnotic
I cannot resist
So I wait for him
To take me into his world
Of unending night
:iconopera-angel:Opera-Angel 0 0


Well done. by p3pp3rmint Well done. :iconp3pp3rmint:p3pp3rmint 5 8
Mature content
iphigenia grew up fast :iconwildhype:wildhype 2 3
Sacrificed for Her
"The face that launched a thousand ships."
and fast they sailed the sea.
But soon they stopped with wild winds,
and father called for me.
He spoke in lies to get me here,
and Mother believed it all.
But soon I learned his true intent,
and why he sent that call.
A sacrifice was needed
to achieve fair wind.
That sacrifice was to be me.
I would help them win.
They waid it was a noble cause,
but I was just a girl.
But my opinion didn't matter,
I was sacrificed for her.
:iconamolotr95:Amolotr95 1 0
The Mirror by IorwenWillowDavis The Mirror :iconiorwenwillowdavis:IorwenWillowDavis 10 0
The Agamemnon Tango
The King looked over his armies
and saw that restless they grew,
but the ships could not be set out unto sea
until his heresy
had been made clean.
King of Fools and Fool of Kings
should know that blood can bring
only more blood.
he who tempted fate and lost,
soon will know the cost
of his pride.
The gales tore over the harbor
in vengeance for connies he slew.
And the Priest said in light of his mistake
Artemis would take
his precious one.
King of Fools and Fool of Kings
should know that blood can bring
only more blood.
he who tempted fate and lost,
soon will know the cost
of his pride.
He sent for his eldest daughter.
He said he'd found someone to love her.
He said if she would visit sometime soon,
she could meet her groom.
Didn't say it was the tomb.
King of Fools and Fool of Kings
should know that blood can bring
only more blood.
he who tempted fate and lost,
soon will k
:iconkaimu-nanashi:Kaimu-Nanashi 1 0
Suck on it, Erik by bbst Suck on it, Erik :iconbbst:bbst 10 24 Gaston Leroux by Wolf-Midnight Gaston Leroux :iconwolf-midnight:Wolf-Midnight 123 38 Phantom Motivational Poster by DemonVampire13 Phantom Motivational Poster :icondemonvampire13:DemonVampire13 55 7 Take Notes by EmmyRossumWannabe Take Notes :iconemmyrossumwannabe:EmmyRossumWannabe 62 82 ...Do You Remember... by MorbidiaMorthel ...Do You Remember... :iconmorbidiamorthel:MorbidiaMorthel 767 199 I Have An Underground Lake by MlleRevenant I Have An Underground Lake :iconmllerevenant:MlleRevenant 30 12
By and by, Odysseus finished his exchange
with Father; the dutiful, wicked man Agamemnon, now but a shade.
The lion, with feline finesse, made his way over
to where I stood gazing at generations of dead, used-up heroes.
The master mariner and soldier said:
“Daughter of Agamemnon, Iphigenia, how fare you
in this land of wondrous, immortal heroes?  
Your valor is known to all Akhaians—the daughter
who willingly sacrificed herself to the gods,
for a purpose far greater than herself.  Fear not;
your name, Iphigenia, lives on.”
Stab my heart, first, and then twist the knife further?
Ah, how life is wasted in the idle hands of those who have it!
Foolish men, sweet-talked with lustful whispers of everlasting
fame and glory.  Hordes of deceived, naïve boys fight in
wars for a chance at immortality and I,
content with living life alive, die.
To recall the sun-filled, glorious days
when I ran wild in the streets of my father’s kingdom,
:iconlizardance:lizardance 2 0
Mature content
Iphigeneia II :iconprettycrazy:PrettyCrazy 4 16
The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia 2
Because it was demanded by Artemis
Agememnon sacrificed his daughter
So the winds would blow again.
Onward to Troy
To slaughter the innocent
And orphan the children
All for the fury of Zeus.
:iconjohnyswashbuckls:JohnySwashbuckls 2 3
iphigenia the strong
how would you feel
if the gods demanded
that you
slay your own child
your perfect beautiful strong daughter
who would have done anything for you
married any hero
any rival kingdom's scion
would have given her own life
her own life
and without a whimper
without a sigh
to help
(worthy or not)
who foolishly angered a goddess
how would you feel
if your pride and boasting
led to your own child's demise
I could tell you how it feels
but I can't
when I think
of my perfect daughter
on the altar
bare breasted
neck stretched for the knife
I had to look away
so I don't know if it's true
what they say
about the deer
and about my perfect lovely daughter
into a goddess
I just don't know
for sure
(I am a coward)
but I can believe it
because I know Artemis
(I never had time for the gods before this but the women in my family are crazy about these things)
I believe that she is no petty, jealous goddess
golden apples never meant anything to her
:iconwildhype:wildhype 3 5
Across the Lethe
AGAMEMNON arrives at the shore of the river Lethe, the river of forgetfulness.  The river is inside the giant cavern of Hades, and shadowed so that it is difficult to see more than a few feet in front of him.
AGAMEMNON: So it has come to this.  I was a king of Mycenae, once, my army thousands strong.  My queen, although a spiteful, serpentine woman, had born me many beautiful children, whom I loved dearly.  We could have lived happily, had Helen, my brother’s treacherous wife, not fled to Troy with Paris the prince.  Because of her, I was forced to send Iphigenia, my oldest and favorite daughter, to the alter to be murdered by a priest of the goddess Artemis.  It was either that, or allow the remaining members of my family to be torn apart by my own army.  And how does my dear queen repay me for protecting the lives of her and her remaining children
:iconkaimu-nanashi:Kaimu-Nanashi 1 0



United States
Current Residence: Virginia
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much open
Favourite style of art: Photo manipulation
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
I left out a hobby that I haven't really done much on for a while, but I do write poetry. I write phantom based poetry and my own poetry. I will submit all the poems I wrote for a while and hope that you enjoy my work. They are mostly open verse, but I did my best and if you don't like dark topics I suggest you look elsewhere since most of my poetry is pretty dreary and depressing although I must assure my life isn't like that and everything (except 1) is in first person....Hope you enjoy my musings...!


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