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An open universe is one where it is CANONICALLY possible for characters of that universe to interact with characters from other open universes. Have an open universe? Let's affiliate groups!
Also, check out UniversalSpecies – they accept closed and semi-closed universes as well as open and semi-open universes!
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:iconoc-tea: OC-Tea Care for a cup? :iconxxoriginal-speciesxx: xXOriginal-SpeciesXx All Species are Welcome! :iconthe-fruit-labyrinth: The-Fruit-Labyrinth squwak SQUWAK! :iconpetal-dragons: Petal-Dragons :iconpakapuffs: PakaPuffs :iconmothcats: Mothcats Fun-loving flying furballs :iconseasels: Seasels :iconribomirreflection: RibomirReflection Under Construction :iconmaskies-cs: Maskies-CS :iconcandle-cats-corner: Candle-Cats-Corner The brightest of them all :iconscribble-cats-group: Scribble-Cats-group @Scribble-Cats-group :iconhomeofthebiwis: HomeOfTheBiwis :iconsabojat: Sabojat :icongrolluths: Grolluths [gurgling cryptid noises] :iconchemikitties: Chemikitties A periodic table of fluffballs! :iconshocktail-sea: Shocktail-Sea :iconmeyster-city: Meyster-City We see you :iconcandela-sanctuary: Candela-Sanctuary Ignite Your Burning Soul[HIATUS] :iconcopterfoxacademy: CopterFoxAcademy The sky's the limit! :iconfabrikin-hollow: Fabrikin-Hollow :iconpseudodragons: pseudodragons the false dragons :icongupkins-galore: GupKins-Galore Gup Gup GUPKINS!!!! :iconkitablast: KitaBLAST KITAS :iconmagiandzeptangroup: MagiAndZeptanGroup Magicians from Outer Space! :iconmohitsune-temple: Mohitsune-Temple :iconmythikits-world: Mythikits-World :iconnottbook: Nottbook Ghost and Doll CS :icontweetle-burrow: Tweetle-burrow :iconmocchin-cafe: mocchin-cafe Small little poncho friends! :iconflockofbones: FlockOfBones Beware the Witches Bones

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Species Refs: Open Species, Open Universe
Kitsunegamis traits - FAUNIAL TYPE by ZauriArt
Kitsunegamis traits - FLORAL TYPE by ZauriArt
Kitsunegamis traits - ESSENCIAL TYPE by ZauriArt
Kitsunegamis traits - SENTIMENTAL TYPE by ZauriArt
Species Refs: SemiOpen SemiClosed Species, OU
(Semi-Open!) Boontgies Traits Chart [UPDATED 2020] by xLuc-1
Taiga Kyorei Reference by HikariDana
Jungle Kyorei Reference by HikariDana
Forest Kyorei Reference by HikariDana
Species Refs: Closed Species, Open Universe
Fluxfox Visual Ref by Cassiopie
[CS] Animate-Doll Info by bamhobakk
Nokuuma Species Sheet - Baby-Kuumas (OUTDATED) by smokeykitty13
Nokuuma Species Sheet - Adult-Kuumas (OUTDATED) by smokeykitty13
World and Location References
Elxingn Home Planet [Xngn] by Onj-Art
Map Of Veskrea by HikariDana
Ditee-ath solar system by Yuko--San
Character References
Lory - REF by Lorydrawz
Legend of the Kikori NPC/Mascot: Johnathan by PinkyHaert
.Adult Nero Ceremonial Armor. by monarchofash
Ata'K by Dendariiis
Character Art
Kit gives a thumbs up by smokeykitty13
Teatime (Digital Ver.) by smokeykitty13
Henry - Yellow Carnival by smokeykitty13
Summer by smokeykitty13
Landscape Art
{Torimori} {Green Valley} The bot appears! by Alisenokmice
Upside Down by Nexeron
Mini Galaxy by Aeniridiae
[C-S] Genetics Guide__Closed Species by LunarCherub
Bases and YCHs
Glass of cuteness, please [YCH-auction is CLOSED] by CactusFaust
CLOSED Adopts,Customs,MYOs,Contests,Raffles
Closed~ by Onj-Art
Eclipse is confusing 😕 and incomprehensible and I don't even know how many submissions have been missed!
This group is NOT DEAD but it is in torpor like a hummingbird, hibernation like a bear, or even tun like a tardigrade...
So until Eclipse is less of a glitch pile, don't expect yoo much. Too much. I can't even backtrack and correct spelling without losing everything I've written. Ugh.
With apologies,
Hi everyone!

We now have a Discord server!
Please consider to join.

- VoydLust
So... wanna be a Contributor? :meow:
You must:
- know what an Open Universe is
- have at least one Open Universe character
- have an Admin slot open
- know and respect the group rules:
    - Please be polite and respectful
    - No Mature Content please
    - This group is for Open Universes, no closed universe stuff please
- comment here on this journal with the password "potato"
- that's it, really :D


Contributors can submit ten things to each folder per day. 
They can invite to Members.
Their submissions are automatically approved.
They can even submit to Featured!… A forum for Open and Closed Universes - related discussions.
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