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Twitter Night Mode - #tweetfur by BlueWolfArtista

Mature Content

Freddy vs Jason Commission for Blacke5 #4 by BlueWolfArtista
Modified animals species
Painted Nightwalkers (Open Species) by DragonDaddo
{$75- OPEN} Kiriten 004 by Riajoi
{$75 - OPEN} Kiriten 003 by Riajoi
Domestic species
Moodboard Custom For FoxolateDraws by FluffyKayle
Coipish - Concept by Draggaco
ADOPT AUCTION [CLOSED] by youngearl77
ADOPT AUCTION [CLOSED] by youngearl77
Elemental Species
Dancer Species Auction - OPEN by smokeing-fish
Marba Cats Species Sheet (Open Species!) by voxaz
Marba cats OTA 4/4 open (Open species) by voxaz
Marba cats OTA 2/4 open (Open species) by voxaz
Dragon Species
Hallowyvians [AUCTION OPEN] by Libertades
Peacock Wyvian [CLOSED] by Libertades
Custom Wyvian 6 by Libertades
Yellowheaded Spinedrake - Adoptable by JadeRavenwing
Dinosaurs and ancestors species
Tokenoy Simple Walk Cycle by huchzermeierm
Very Old  four legged bird reference by reizosaurus-64
OTA song based protogen-(0/2)-pending by Bai-ZeWarrior
Goblin Dragon Adopts [OPEN] by Kumotogi
(Open Species) Harpequinn Ref Sheet by NappaCabbage
AEDRYS (closed species) by lokiisart
Mini Limpids by AshuriKRBG
Cyclophecy - Concept by Draggaco
Alien Species
Buchnas Specie ref by LocalScum
Zevclp by Caveknight32
Aaelgaenmtc by Caveknight32
Iku-Tauoi by Caveknight32
Insects species
F2U Cicadallions base (MLP OPENSPECIES READ RULES) by Dageraron
Hollow Knight - Hornet (NSFW) by BlueWolfArtista
Auppies Adopties Test Run 2/5 OPEN by doodlepawss
Auppies: A WIP Species by doodlepawss
Chimeric Species
OTA Houndgoyles-(2/2)-OPEN by Bai-ZeWarrior
closed by Bai-ZeWarrior
Cantlers - Open Species - Free Base by Pomegranate-Rain-854
Dedos ref 1 by cigarfsh
Plant species
Mondragora - Concept by Draggaco
Fanart species
MineCraft - Enderman Concept 1 by BlueWolfArtista
Other species
Chimera|collab-ADOPT| OPEN by LG-Macbeth
Contest Entries
Egg #1 Free Raffle!! (CLOSED) by Spyric
objectable creatures contest
projects and others
YCH 001 [OPEN] FLATSALE $40 / 4000 points by The-Greatest-Mystery
Based on the submited species
PATREON EXCLUSIVE - lion smile by NorthernRed
Ended, Expired Adoptables
Species adopt|closed by WalkersPets
Adoptables, Auctions, FOR SALE.

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*Make sure whatever you submit is a fictional creature species that is your own creation...A reference sheet is ideal, but we accept any picture that depicts your creation...If it is your own species but not your work, please specify the artist in your description...

*Absolutely no stealing of other's creations of any kind, users will be banned from the group & reported to the dA admins if there are any attempts to fraudulently submit work that isn't theirs...If you know of a member that has submitted stolen work, note the group and provide proof & we will investigate...

*If you haven't made your own species yet, be creative...We love creativity...

*Critiques and tips on enhancing creatures are welcome as long as the owner welcomes it...

*Collaborations between artists are always welcome, we'd love to see the progress & final product...

*Any creatures, even humanoid creatures are welcome...

*If you take ideas of species or complete species from other poeple, medias, game or even movies, please ask to the owner first if you can use his or her creation (if it's a deviant or someone you know and can contact)and put credits of the owner or the game or the media in your artist's comment. It will be appreciated by everyone...

For any question, communicate with an admin, we don't bite! :)
And please send credits from owner when you use a species from this group!
~the Open species team~

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lokiisart Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
~Closed Species~

  AEDRYS (closed species) by lokiisart Aex.2 by lokiisart
Wing (left) AEDRYS Wing (right) 
 Pastel Yellow Star Bullet What are Aedrys?
Aedrys are a humanoid and/or anthropomorphic Faerie species with the ability to shape-shift into a feral form.

 Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Are they multi-fandom friendly?
Since they are living on our planet, they sure are compatible with many fandoms!

 Pastel Yellow Star Bullet How can I get my own?
By purchasing an adopt or a MYO ticket.  

Feral 1 by lokiisart  
Caveknight32 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you allow literature-based references?
SoreWounds Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Come join us~ We are a group of Space Dogs, alien-canines!

shlohmo Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
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