Shall the Marring Be Amended?

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Where shall the lords of the West come from?
Where shall their aid spring forth?
From the mountains, biding their time?
From the fields, soaked with blood?
Or from the great and immeasurable ocean
Where Ulmo Falmahír once dwelt?

Atari, why do you not heed their words?
Has Melkor thus hardened your hearts?
What is this deafness to ancient wisdom?
Where is the kinship that was once between
the Children of the Sun and the Children of the Moon?

Eruhíni, why have you strayed from the Road?
Arda Marred, all roads are bent
but the Straight Road lies before you yet.
Why do you fade?
Who am I to you? A name in oaths and vows alone?
Was it not I who commanded the Valar
And wrought your music before giving it unto them?
A Quenta Silmarillion based poem. I own none of this, as Tolkien already does.
© 2010 - 2021 openmeadow
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I think this is very beautifully worded. I'm glad I found it in the MEFA nomination list!
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Thank you very much! Your comment seriously made my day- so glad you enjoyed the piece!
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This and the Quenya version are both very lovely. :D The language (both of them) really suits it, and even though I'm usually not into nonryming poetry, I really like this one. Arien approves :sun:
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Thank you kindly for your comments! I am glad that you enjoyed it so much.
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Very well done, no matter how different opinion I may have =)
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I'm glad you thought highly of it... I guess we *would* have differing opinions... :)
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But it is not bad to be different!
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I already told you how I feel about this.. but I love it, and I don't usually like poetry, so that's a big compliment :heart:
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I really do appreciate it :) I'm glad you've enjoyed it so much!
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