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Abducted 5 Concept

I really should be working on Small Gestures or Be Mine 2 but I've found myself distracted by concept work for Abducted 5...
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Is this still happening? 

I only ask because knowing its not is infinitely better in my mind than it being an open ended question.
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I want to do it. Keep doing other things though lol. I really should do it. People want it.
If not doing it for the foreseeable future then maybe you could outline the rest of the story?
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I've a rough idea but I don't want to give anything away.

So... when will Pursa begin her conquest on Earth? Loving the whole series btw, Pursa is my absolute favorite with the way she treats her pets.

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That's a good question. I've been asked a few times. I haven't started it yet as I've been working on other projects.
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Any update regarding when this chapter will be coming out
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Nope - the game is my current main project.
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Ok. I love your artwork the story abducted was one of my favorites giant aliens good good theme to a story. Hope you will continue that in future sometime
looking forward to this :)
will there be any death/digestion scenes? like seeing bones and internal organs being exposed in the stomach, during the digestion process?
and same goes for the tasting of the tiny people...will some of them be either chewed up with other food, or partially chewed up at times....depending on how either Ensign Pinny, Dr Ailee or Commander Pursa feel at the moment in time.
as i am guessing that it would be Dr Ailee that would be the one that first sees them melting down in a stomach (as she did use that probe in Ensign Pinny's either her stomach or Commander Pursa's stomach, or Ensign Pinny's stomach) so as Dr Ailee would have scene it happen  (as she has no regards to the tiny people's pain and suffering).....will it be the Dr that is the first one that unlocks the tiny person/persons full flavor first? (by chewing them up, or partially chewing them up) as i doubt Ensign Pinny would be the first to do that.
i do hope that the stomach probe becomes an essential requirement when eating tiny people, as the three giant aliens do look like they really get off on not just the tiny peoples flavor, but also their suffering. (well, not so much Ensign Pinny)

you could have all three of them have tongue studs installed which have cameras in them, so that they can use that to view the insides of their mouth as they are eating people.

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I'm not a big gore fan. Not in crush or vore or anything really. I've done it for the technical challenge but it's not my thing.
well you have well passed any technical challenge, the work you have put together in these is amazing :)
i know i will keep buying your work :)
I love this! it looks fantastic! I loved Abducted 4, if this is the direction it takes, no complaints here!
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Just how tall is she? I'd say about 35 stories high.
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That's good to hear. I didn't get a huge amount of feedback on Abducted 4 so I appreciate that.
Looks amazing still would like to see a military response.  If she is naked then the military would probably win.  Love the concept though admittedly I like your gentle romance work better just for story reasons.  Please keep up the good work. 
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She will be naked. But I've got a plan for that...
Can't wait to see what that is.  Still wish the military can defend themselves but I am sure it will be good.  What did you think of the link I sent you?
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What link was that?
In abducted 4 screenshot I left a comment with the link.
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The close up stuff? I've been working with Ethosx on making improvements there. Having some success. More work to be done though.
Looks good I just thought you might like the artist I found especially with the close up feet shots like in virus.
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That busy street really givers her a sense of immense size! Awesome job.
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Thanks very much
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