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Another year ends, many pictures in the box.
No much changes, but many occasions to take nice people pictures.
I feel in cruising speed somehow.
And that's a good feeling.
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More shooting plans, more pleasure for a few weeks.
I feel free and happy that people like my work, sometimes ask me advices or to take thier photos.

I joined the Dr.Sketchy in Tokyo drawing sessions to take pictures of models and drawers.
That is a very good plan, and I'll continue as often as I can.
There are very nice people there as well =)
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It's been months.
After the big earthquake of Tohoku, I managed to stay and fight with others here.
Now things are somehow improving, and we're facing the next steps all together.

I made a break with photo. I realized my previous nude shooting had some pictures I like a lot.
So I worked on it. I'm now starting my season with a couple of projects.
I'll try to purify my style, to remove the unnecessary.
Technically, it'll mean I'll certainly work exclusively with my favorite combination D700+50mm.
About the content, I'll try to get the essence of scenes, objetcs and people.

So, it's time to work on this, now !
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Many things happend this winter.
First, I've been published in the french/japanese magazine 'France Japon Eco', 16 pictures in total, mostly about interviews of VIPs, and more in a special issue about japanese springs in Hakone.
Then, I've been happy to be approched or accepted by various people to take pictures of themselves, or for their web sites (webshop, etc).

I found the way to destroy my beloved D700 and 50mm 1.4f lens, but all these jobs will make me able to refund my Photo budget, since I had to spend more than expected to replace the equipment.
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The Nikon D700 is great.
Yesterday was my 1st real shooting with it, with Miux modeling as San, from Princess Mononoke, more beautiful than ever. Everything was perfect, the place, the model, the camera and the shooting conditions, it was a memorable moment.
And this week, I have a photo job.
It's a while I didn't, but I'll do my best to please the client =)

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After a year and half using my D90, here comes the D700!
It's a new challenge, possibilities are great, required skills are higher too.
A lot of work to reach the goal...
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I've read a nice article about the over-using of Photoshop.
It's still very convenient to fix unexpected issue on models (hair, dust) if there's no assistant to track them on the shooting.
But that's right that we're intoxicated by the very contrasted and saturated colors pictures, and that "magazine's law" is difficult to ignore.
Anyway, I decided to reduce the fixes to the minimum, to let the picture keep its good and bad sides - and then I'll work to avoid the issues by myself.
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Shooting magazine interviews, these days.
It's quite fun :)
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Planning to shoot people on-demand.
Starting still-life too :)
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