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To Yours
You are the breath,
I am the blaze.
Our inheritance is to be queens of an archaic riddle.
We are twins of risky challenges,
Prancing in a cascade of suns.
Quivering in unimaginable kingdoms.
Using magic as currency,
We break tethered bonds.
Bestowing forsaken love to forsaken.
We are laid bare to the eyes,
We are a nude brand of dignity that's now unrazed.
Gloatingly we are displayed, the envy of daunted ones.
But their ambiguous graffiti bakes our bodies in miasmic chasms,
Our skins are pulsing wounds, chests ascend in an erratic rhythm.
Blood crawls up to torn flesh, it's a ruthless song undeniable to numbed feet.
Victory like glass-less sand tumbles Irretrievable,
To a land of utter undiffrence.
Redeemed only by amnesias kindness.
Ruinous guardian, whose airfoil is unfalteringly shorn, give us your alkaline pearl from visions beginning,
A single tear in the requests unrequest.
A cauterized dream glued to severed limb, a handicraft to betoken a heartsick shuddering.
Tongueless we scr
:iconopelnox:Opelnox 2 0
Lee written by Mia:
Lite blues, peachy warmth, and dark emerald green is your palette. I think of the smell of your hair and skin the aroma of scent-less lotions and fruity shampoos.  That feeling in your stomach when you can't breath anymore becuse you can't stop laughing, warm blankets and the sunlight from your window. The sound of just after rain fall or snow, of star filled nights and fresh air and early moring bird song and just sky blur and fluffy clouds that taste of chocolate strawberries.
Mia written by Lee:
After it rains, popcorn  from a movie theater and a musty kind of good smell.
Warmth, the feeling when you see a bunch of colors splashed together, comfort, you're up early and the sun begins to rise and you get to sit there and watch the different stages.
When a wave goes back down on a beach, and then when the wind stirs the trees and they just so slightly rustle at the tops with a slightly salty-sweet taste of caramel.
:iconopelnox:Opelnox 3 2
My best freind  and I  wrote about each of the senses humans have and then applied it to what we think of when we describe each other. This was a super fun and friendship building exercise!
:iconopelnox:Opelnox 2 0
             a sprig of joy
    a cup of hope
and all those sprinklings of pepper
    that make the dough better.
A teaspoon of pain
      a dash of hate
           a mix of sin
   that puts all the brown sugar to                              
      A squeeze of lemony sunlight,                              
          a thimble full of love.
          A cookie of life,
      that's all we'll ever taste.
:iconopelnox:Opelnox 3 0
 Viola  by Opelnox Viola :iconopelnox:Opelnox 3 0 Runner by Opelnox Runner :iconopelnox:Opelnox 5 0


Plants and Tattoos by spider999now Plants and Tattoos :iconspider999now:spider999now 153 17 Final Fantasy 11 by Shaharkem Final Fantasy 11 :iconshaharkem:Shaharkem 108 6
I’m writing in the icy harbour
where the young couples sunbathe
where the hipsters await the barber
munching shrimps on a bed of saithe
pale bodies sprawled on the docks
colourful shirts and shoes without socks
the gulls courting on the frozen river
have more luck in love than me, I quiver
in my jacket, but all these pairs
huddle together, this port is theirs.
I’m reading in the botanical garden
where little girl play cheerleaders
as the boys play football, pardon
me but is this how it’s meant to be?
I sit alone, here are no other readers
families cooling off after a shopping spree
talking about clubs and favourite teams
pigeons scaring little kids with ice creams
everybody laughs and nobody cares
about me, this park is theirs.
I’m daydreaming at work
about passion, but nothing sensual
the kids just roll their eyes and smirk
they’re our future, how inspirational
in fifty years or so, it’ll all be over
game over, I’ll never reach a higher level
:iconhannaida:HannaIDA 5 7
my poetry is a lukewarm bath
not quite hot, not quite cool
enough to make you smile
but never weep or laugh  
my poetry is a cup of tea
when you crave a strong drink
a calm pond, not a raging sea
never making you think
my poetry is dusk  
never bright or terribly dark
it’s a perch, not a shark
it has no core, only husk
my poetry is … mine
it’s not classical or new
it’s not good, it’s just fine
it has a lacklustre hue  
my poetry is casual
t-shirt and jeans
it’s nothing unusual  
it’s still in its teens
my poetry is dull
it’s nothing bright
no flamingo, it’s a gull
a peasant, not a knight
my poetry is plain
it has nothing vital to say
the words are like rain
annoying and grey
my poetry is tepid
it’s not defiant or bold
my poetry is too trepid
it will soon grow cold
my poetry is dry
it’s stale, it isn’t smart
but at least I try ...
and this is only the start
:iconhannaida:HannaIDA 9 9
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