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C130 Queen of the Lake

Sold to MoonShinersDaughter 

Queen of the Lake
Aliases: Kelpie, Taizali
Age: 19 years (true age unknown)
ID: C130
Height: 15.1hh
Breed: Boucle-Unicorn
Birthstone: Emerald
Gender: Mare
Colour: Smoky Noir Maree Fertilite Papillion
Import Image: Boucle Unicorn Import C130
Magic: C130 Queen of the Lake
History and Personality:
So many kingdoms are built and fall through the ages. One civilisation; a well established bloodline of powerful Aquamancer Boucles held watch over a city that utilised the power of water for all their needs. Harnessing tides, rain and steam, the Tearuvi'eh were extremely progressive compared to the other elemental tribes that shared the land with them. They were not closed off, in fact they welcomed the other tribes, embraced them as kin. This of course, didn't sit well with the Pyromancer Boucles. They were a jealous and power-hungry sort that coveted the free and relaxed lives their fluidic neighbours had.
During the reign of Queen Taizali Tearuvi'eh, the jealousy of the Pyromancers reached fever pitch. They stormed Aqwa'wei, taking down anything they could in their path to the Court. As they smashed through the doors to the Tearuvi'eh throne room, the Queen looked up.
Queen Taizali was extremely unusual for her bloodline - they had all been blue roans with emphasis on blue. Then Taizali came along, born jet black and as she aged her pelt lightened to a soft brown shade reminiscent of damp peat. Her eyes too were unusual; rich greens instead of the oceanic blues that her family possessed. Queen Taizali was the first to show any degree of mastery over another element, hers was Earth. As the Fire Fighters rushed in and began attacking her family, Taizali made a desperate choice; she chose to flood the city, breaking open the earth and drowning the invading Pyros. As it was the city of water, her plan wasn't suicidal it was calculated.
Unfortunately her earth tinged water powers came with a muddy side-effect; the tsunami that crashed into the walls and flooded through the streets was filled with sand, mud and silt. The deadly water wiped out every living creature bar the queen herself.
When she awoke, she was buried beneath the waves, beneath the city, beneath her people. Utterly devastated, Taizali's mind fractured. Instead of trying to reach the surface, she kept beneath the water's surface and swam endlessly. Eventually she reached an ocean, then went upstream, following a river. Ultimately Taizali found herself in a lake, where she remains to this day. Still keeping beneath the surface, those who have glimpsed her treat her (and her lake) with respect - she is a Kelpie of legend.

Taizali was a kind and honest Queen. She would listen to all who came by and encouraged her people to be tolerant and accepting of all others. Kindness was the greatest magic any could possess.
Once her mind shattered she seems not to have a personality. She refuses to interact with anybody or anything, her actions are almost 'auto-pilot'; she goes through the motions of existing.
Sometimes, in her dreams, she is back in Aqwa'wei, surrounded by her subjects, her friends. Those dreams are always cut short by the sounds of water rushing in, stone breaking and the Earth screaming as it swallows Aqwa'wei whole.

Taizali can only speak Kalimag since her mind shattered. Kalimag is a ancient language spoken primarily by Elementals and a few scholars. Due to her connection with the elements, Taizali can speak Aquan and Terran, understands Ignan and Auran but cannot speak them.

||Bullet; Purple - starter|| Death - deceased || Bullet; Red - reference missing ||
Ungolia is a Starter/Import with no known lineage.
------------------SSS: Unknown
---------SS: Unknown
------------------SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------SDS: Unknown
------------------DSS: Unknown
---------DS: Unknown
------------------DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------DDS: Unknown
---------DD: Unknown
------------------DDD: Unknown

Breeding Status & Spots:
Status: Bullet; Orange Limited.
Any inquiries need to be in note form and need to have an offer attached. Be aware of my rules before asking (see bottom of description).
||Bullet; Red-Not usable||Bullet; Green-Usable||Bullet; Blue-Used||
1. --
2. --
3. --
4. --
5. --
6. --

Direct Offspring:
ID || Foal Design || Reference
1. -- || -- || --
2. -- || -- || --
3. -- || -- || --
4. -- || -- || --
5. -- || -- || --
6. -- || -- || --

ffffff She is just beautiful :heart: Really enjoyed doing this today, it was exactly what I needed ^^ Hope I've done this gorgeous lady proud <333

Design by alexpeanut 
Character © OpalSkye
Opal's 'Stable' Rules.

Lineart was created by the wonderful Wouv (she's honestly saved my bacon so much lately with awesome linearts <333) Thanks to her for this and those in future! ^^
The bubbles were made so awesome by using this fantastic tutorial: by ryky :heart:
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She's absolutely gorgeous :)
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Oh my 
your shading is just stunning and this looks perfect <3
Again thank you so much for using my lines :love:

edit: I have to compliment those bubbles, they look super realistic! Tutorial or not, so beautiful and life-like :'D
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I'm thrilled that you think so hun <3 It was an absolute pleasure to use your lines, thank you again so much for them and for doing them so amazingly quickly! Kelpie turned out perfect, exactly as I envisioned her :D

:blush: Thank you! The tutorial was integral to getting them looking right but I must admit to being proud of how they turned out xD!
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You are very welcome! :love: :heart:
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This lady and D059 Sentinel need to meet.
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Super glad she ended up with you <3
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I feel honoured to own her ^^ :hug:
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Eeeeep now you own this beautiful creature!!! Congrats! :la: 
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I dooo! I've owned her for a while but it's been a struggle to get anything done lately. Wouv helped me out with some gorgeous lines though and that prompted me to finally give her some life again <333 Thank you ^^
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