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How to make Guitar - tutorial

By OpaliChan
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I cosplayed as Haruko from FLCL anime. for the contest in the anime convention we had to take picture that will proof we made the costume... so i took to much pictures XD... so... i desided to make a tutorial:
How to make Guitar.. for cosplay.. for fun or whatever you like ^.^
hope youll enjoy, its taking some time to make it but the resoults are amazing! a lot of ppl at the convention loved the guitar!! and its nice that ppl love what you making :D
soo have fun ^.^
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ahhhhh wallpaper! that's brilliant! omg thank you, I am cosplaying Haruko and the guitar I made is a piece of shit (warping, etc.) and I live in a small house so there's no place to paint. I'm using foam instead of wood but I'll go to grab wallpaper soon! THANKS A ZILLION
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also for this you can get legit schematics of a Ricky and invert so you can make Haruko's left-handed bass. That's what I did for my guitar, removes the guess work
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I'm gonna have fun with this.
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rokend role!!!
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Thats a Bass!... Haruko's weapon is a left-handed Rickenbacker bass model 4001... but It´s a great tuto anyway xD
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lolz OH REALLY?! didnt know that -.- But i made this tutorial in mind that it will fit every type of musical instrument in the catagory etc. guitar\bass\acoustic guitar
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does it work? O.o
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work... like play notes? xD or work as you can make it?
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I love you for this! I'll try to make a guitar for my Punk!England cosplay, thaaanks!
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you welcome~ glad you like it ^^
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Thank you so much! I've been trying to figure out the best way to make a guitar for the con and this is perfect! Not over my skill limits lol
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Glad the tutorial helped you ^^ happy to hear that :3
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Looks like I'm making the cloud guitar for my Prince cosplay!
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nice~ good luck! :D
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Technically it's a bass. But amazing job just the same! :3
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lolz mind the details~ its a tutorial so you can make a guitar or a bass from it... cuz its almost the same prosses xD
but thanks~
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WOW this is an awesome guitar tutorial!
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