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[EXO] Sad Luhan Emoticon An adopt maker I really admire has been recently bedridden due to their cancer. Here is their account: :iconnono-jojo:  I've known they've been ill for some time now as they would make and sell super cute adopts for medicine money. However, now they can't do that on their own and their friend MoTan is running their deviantart page to save up funds! She needs pain killers and medicine.
Tini Pills 

Pill Bottle Avatar Here is their journal with a Paypal for donations! :  Update. IMPORTANT!!!Hi there!! 
How are you? 
I have some news and some updates...and yeah, it's MoTan again! 
Okay, so about nono-jojo first. Her health is very bad right now. I don't know if she'll be able to go through this, I don't know if she'll do this, if she'll beat the cancer. I'm really scared. I don't want to tell about medicine now, because we need painkillers much more. 
If you can help, any cent, any dollar,'s the PayPal:
Any word of support is important! I'm here with her about 24/7 now, beside her bed, so I'm reading all your comments to her, and I'm happy to see how she smiling at these moments. This means really much...for her and for me. So thank you, from both of us, thank you for any support!! Thank you for all that you say and for all that you do!! We're so thankful to you for staying with us, with nono-jojo, for so long, for your support and for your faith!!! Just thank you, thank you so much!!!
And about updates now! T
Pill Avatar I've set up a special Charity Gacha with reward tiers and all proceeds go directly to nono-jojo. Please, if you cannot buy adopts or donate money, spread the word! [Charity Gacha] LoveSick Nurses [RIP Jojo] by ShatteredSightAdopts

Monster Musume Mero Chat Icon Possibly going to be the end of me... I was so upset missing last year's MerMay so this year I'm pulling out all the stops and "attempting" to get all 31 days done with new line-less art pieces. On top of that, I wanted to record all of them. I may not get all posted on the exact day, because lord knows something always goes wrong, so I might just compile 3 days in 1? That's still 10+ new videos to my channel. I think it's a good idea. We'll see how I feel halfway through that and finals. Fish Wife I'm also going to mix it up to keep things fresh and include selkies and some mermaid or other ocean related creature fan art!

Have a good weekend everyone! <333
I'm looking for some specific kukuri compatable to breed with my floof rooks and doves! No inbreeding please. 

My floofs looking for compatible mates:

Feia 5286 by Kuku-ri Aneira 4091 by Kuku-ri

Q 5103 by Kuku-ri  Theoris 3773 by Kuku-ri

Seeking Genos / Slots with one of these genes or more:

-Unicorn Horn ( Male preferred)
-Any Prairie 
- Rare markings
-Uncommon/Rare coats preferred
(All common Kukuri must have a Muffle or fluff tail. Double is even better!)

-AR Rolls
- Training
- FP Payment
-Slot trade
-Split Breeding

Art Examples:
.:: Offerings by Starlight ::. by OpalesquePrincess .:: Babysitting ::. by OpalesquePrincess [Kukuri] Paprika FP Dump by OpalesquePrincess Cirice FP Payment by OpalesquePrincess

excited happy  I've finally done it. I uploaded two new videos to my dead youtube channel. I hope to get at least two videos out per month on Fridays-Saturdays. Hatsune Miku-15 (Happy)  In all honesty, I missed editing. It's actually pretty relaxing once I have all the clips I need together. I plan to upload speed paints (fan and original), animations, and... a secret project I can't tell you about yet.~ Also I've animated an end card with the channel's new mascot. <3

If you're interested it's the same channel it's always been : LegendHeartsStudios. However, I have updated the name to OpalesquePrincess. It comes up in either search. For nostalgia's sake, I couldn't bear to part with it to start from scratch. (Even if it's like... dead currently.)

Have a good night everyone!~
:ayylmao: GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance  Here's hoping for a fantastic 2018! Not gonna miss you at all 2017.... I wish everyone luck in the new year!!! Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] :ayylmao: Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
So I'm tired of those yearly art summaries because it's not much of a jump and I'd rather point out the main highlights that happened in my art life this year. ~ I have a lot of plans for 2018 as well, including the revival of my youtube channel. I want to treat it as an extension to DA and keep up with speedpaints and stuff like that. I'm also not renewing core here. Finally... Eesh too expensive.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

.:: 2017 Art Summary ::.

Chitoge Tired Icon So many things this year let me tell you. So many changes and confusion. Things I didn't have time to experiment a lot with but at least dipped into. I also had a horrible notion last year to only post "finished" stuff which only added on the stress that if it wasn't better than the last I shouldn't post it at all. Bad idea! Any and all drawing, no matter how complete, pushes you forward.

Going back into Colored Pencils/Traditional mediums because you know I just like it. I'm comfortable with it and it takes a lot of time but I just love the tools so much.

I want to try condensed watercolors and do more paintings of that.

I want to learn Surrealism. Gosh it's so difficult!

Biggest Changes:
pink heart {big}
Finally started learning watercolor painting.
pink heart {big} Found a more cartoon style and have been improving ever since.
pink heart {big} Finally keeping a sketchbook and filling them! Every page back and front! *gasp*
pink heart {big} Trying out bookbinding. Woah that skill I learned 3 years ago is coming to fruition. I'm taking the unfinished pages from old sketchbooks to make new ones.
pink heart {big} Learned a lot more about digital backgrounds and backgrounds in general. Trying to not leave characters with blank backgrounds! Whoo!
pink heart {big} Learning animals, like I said I'd do years ago (last year) and actually trying.
pink heart {big} Got back into ARPGs and couldn't be happier.

It's been a crazy year. A hellish year but a great one for my art and myself as a person. Coming out of this into 2018, I feel positive that great things are going to be accomplished. Really buckling down on those sketchbooks. And hey, perhaps I could try to fill one every 1-2 months and then do a quick flip through for a video.

pink heart {big} How has your art year been? Did you try something new? little star 

:iconkukuri-arpg: :iconkukuri-arpg: 

:star: Some pricing lowered. All open for offers.~

I'm looking for mainly Activity Rolls / FP / Genos / usd or euro (Through Paypal)

Uncommon/Rare markings bold. Uncommon/Rare coat colors or fluffs will be bold and italicized

If offering art: 

-Please show some examples.
-Complete them within the time frame. I'll give 1 week per activity roll or per 10 FP. 
- FP sheets are allowed.
-Activity rolls are counted per kukuri. So 3 kukuri in one picture counts as 3 Activity rolls.~

If offering genos: 

I'm looking for these traits mostly: 
Silken/short tailed Kukuri
Muffed/Curly/and Satin Ruffles 

.:: For Sale Genos ::.



Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin (Flipped) - F2U! 2) Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy


Hooded Crimson with Socks

High ears, Short horns

Muffed ruffle

Diurnal, Omnivore

3 Activity Rolls / 30 FP / 3.50 usd