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[Splat Squadrons] Athena APP by OpalesquePrincess [Splat Squadrons] Athena APP by OpalesquePrincess
pink heart {big} Name: Athena 
pink heart {big} Gender: Female
pink heart {big} Species: Inkling
pink heart {big} Color: Seafoam Green
pink heart {big} Occupation: Battler
pink heart {big} Birthday: January 23rd (22 years old) 

pink heart {big} Personality: +Tactical | + Quiet | +Vigilant | -Violent Tendencies | -Competetive | -Stubborn

She seems to act rather differently around other squids and octos than those on the battlefield. If you're on her team, she'll come up with a tactical way to assist and plow through enemy lines. Even in turf wars, she won't hesitate to take out the enemy team if the chance permits it. In matches she can become quite competetive and violent. Her movements are sporadic and relied purely on instinct. Of course it's an entirely 50/50 chance if any of her plans come to fruition. She's seen that many times it's difficult to pre-plan routes and resorts to offensive/speedy manuevers other than safe/defensive ones. And she may overreact rather...violently when there's a heated match and time begins to run out. Or she's been targetted by a member of the other team and can't seem to shake them.

Outside of matches her personality flips. She likes to be around crowds, though more of an observant than a participant. She's receptive to what others are talking about and finds them curious. If she does want to join in, she's found that others mistake the rather serious expression on her face for anger or discomfort. In reality she may feel entirely laid back. She does have a temper around a certain type of people. She doesn't take to show-offs or braggish people nicely. She'd speak her mind freely on a battle field, though off of it she mostly passes up these opportunities. She can be a little harsh on herself for not standing up as much as she could. She passes it off as a situation that wasn't worth her time and yet would steam about it for the following half an hour or so. 

She isn't entirely difficult to approach. If you were to become her friend, she'd stick up for you, displaying her sense of happiness in her own way. 

pink heart {big} History

:: Childhood ::

Athena was an only child. Her father was a musician and her mother was a street artist. Her mother's art was a tad eccentric; as she was a rebellious teenager who ran around with a group of hooligan friends and drew spraypaint art. She actually rubbed off on her daughter a bit. Her father was a musician who was mainly interested in remixes and creating his own unique tracks. Both of them lived rather laid-back lives so their paygrade wasn't the best. Her childhood was spent playing and enjoying the little bubble of happiness they had together. This time period lasted from when she was born to when she turned 13.

:: Teenage Years ::

These were the years that her parents became busier with their work and Athena began to grow her own sense of independence away from them.

Since she was older her parents would open up more about their pasts from time to time. One thing she learned was that her father had also become a battler in his teen years. This is really what sparked her interest in matches. She inquired him about it and he began to train her for the next two years in his spare time. She had also grown fond of her mother's old works of art and wanted to dabble in a bit of street art herself as a hobby.

When she turned 16, her father's music picked up in popularity. He stopped teaching her and went off on a two year tour. She was left alone with her mother during this time. Frequently she would go out in the city to have some alone time and reflect on what she wanted for herself in the future.

At 18 years the situation was about the same. Her father called saying he was going on another string of tours and woulsn't be home for long. She got used to these calls. He did come back to visit from time to time though it had become increasingly less frequent. She has been tempted to ask her mother how she felt about this though she seemed abrasive to answer any inquiries.

Her mother did begin to focus on her art more diligantly as Athena became an adult and became more independent. She wanted to make a living for herself as well. Athena felt the same. When she turned 20, she set it upon herself to hone her skills and become a proper battler.


She wasn't entirely unhappy about the change of events, with the distance her parents had between each other, though she isn't open to talk about it personally. She couldn't have been happier to find an opportunity to move away on her own and become free of the cramped place she once called home. Finally, she would pursue her dream.

pink heart {big} Hobbies
salmon heart bullet -Spray painting
salmon heart bullet -Practicing for Battles
salmon heart bullet -Turf Wars
salmon heart bullet -Video Games (Fighter games and RPGs)
salmon heart bullet -Singing 
salmon heart bullet -Wandering around the city
salmon heart bullet -Window shopping

pink heart {big} Weapon
-Splattershot Jr. (Equipped) 
- Krak-On Splat Roller

- .52 Gal Deco
-Peppermint Roller <3
- Undercover Brella

pink heart {big} GEAR
- Winterdome Jacket

pink heart {big} Extras/Fun Facts
salmon heart bullet-
Her favorite symbol is the heart. It's patterned on her clothing, her weapon, and even her tentacles.  
salmon heart bullet -Despite acting tough she actually does like some girly things. She'd even wear a dress if she found one that fit her style!  
salmon heart bullet - Her favorite squid sister is Marie. 
salmon heart bullet - She likes various Rock music and Metal though also enjoys a blend of genres. (Including House, Remixes, Electro...) 
salmon heart bullet - She likes some sweets though prefers salty foods
salmon heart bullet -A favorite part of battling for her is the chance to change her ink color... Yes... that is one of the reasons she loves it so much. 
salmon heart bullet -Aerospray will be her weapon of choice, though she's also enjoyed the concept of the Roller. Rolling over your enemies...
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