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[Rosewood Town] Camp Sunny Day by OpalesquePrincess [Rosewood Town] Camp Sunny Day by OpalesquePrincess
Oh this was hell to finish on time... I decided to do a collage of all of her entries. Edit: The colors were bothering me so I tweaked the original scan again.  

The mayor has kept herself busy during the camp trying out its various activities.~

(From top row to bottom, left to right) 
1. Campfire - After a busy day of mayor business, Wynona winds down with some marshmallow roasting by the campfire. 
2. Arts and Crafts Tent - It's difficult to draw when frustrated. It seems Wynona has learned that the hard way.
3. Crystal Lake Wynona tries her hand at fishing! Something has snagged her lure!
4. Survive in The Wild She thought she'd have a fun time camping under the stars though her fears seem to be getting the best of her.
5. Survive in The Wild 2 Well you gotta do what you must to get that all important fish bait!
6. Sleeping Under The Stars On the last night of camp, Wynona gazes up at the beautiful meteor shower lighting up the night sky. 

Bell Earnings: 
Full body: 200
Colored: 200
Shaded: 100
Detailed Background: 400
Event Bonus: 500
1400 x 6 = 8400Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon 
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