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[Ref] Riley by OpalesquePrincess [Ref] Riley by OpalesquePrincess
Son of a reaper, and one himself, he was left abandoned. He ended up wandering across Purgatory and even the Mad World until Death??? found him and took him in as her son; as she could never have a child of her own. He's a bit of a rowdy type, and constantly ricochets insult back at his mother's "lover" Deke. Whom Death??? will not even call him his father. ಠvಠ He has a tendency to puff his cheeks, normally the left side, when agitated, or being embarrassed. He has grown attached to Death??? and treats her just like he would his natural born mother. Suffice to say they have a much stronger relationship then him and Deke. 

Quick Info: 
Name: Riley Death??? (As his mother doesn't have a last name nor does she remember her first he's taken the new name she goes by as his last.) 
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Standing: Deceased, a Reaper. 
Height: 4'7"
Accessories: A reaper's cloak sewn together by Death???, it is made of the same fabric from her own cloak. A skull to set on his head that he found in Purgatory. 
Abilities: Unknown. He can clearly traverse through the space between life and death along with the mad world with menial effort.

Riley © :iconlhs-princess: 
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September 3, 2015
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