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[Ref] Jasper by OpalesquePrincess [Ref] Jasper by OpalesquePrincess
I finally managed to draw Jasper after these long 7 months. quq

Name: Jasper
Nickname: Mr. Bear by the children he looked after. A lot of people jokingly call him a bear too. He nicknames the kids "cubs" quq  
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Nationality: An American boy with Native American heritage. He prefers living on the mountains. 
Status: Single, raising a monster child he picked up. 

Background: First he was a tracker and a hunter for a very dangerous individual before he was forced to take care of several kids for him. Circumstances arose and he inevitably went off on his own. He had a reputation behind him for leaving a scene of victims so incredibly mangled that neither the number of victims, nor the individuals themselves could ever possibly be identified. He's single and currently doesn't have any family of his own. 
Personality: He's a very quiet person, hardly speaking in full sentences unless you open up to him. Most of the time he looks at those around him as if they've completely lost their damn minds. He'll hold up a strong front to protect those he cares for and has a soft spot for children so he's not all bad. When he sets his mind to a goal, he'll walk through hell to reach it. His anger can also become an issue, as he delivers merciless sentences upon his enemies. A bear of a man, he'll take action when he needs to. A man needs hands tough enough to fight and soft enough to love. 

Appearance: There are actually two crude scars running down his back from a past fight. 

Abilities: Strength for one, the man might as well be a bear... He actually wrestles them from time to time. ಠ_ಠ He is... not normal. His back row of teeth is strong enough to grind up bones. 
Berserker Mode: Now this can come about from two circumstances; one far more dangerous than the second. One he could go into a blood rage in a fight where his life is rapidly threatening to dwindle away, he becomes this cannibalistic berserker with no sense of humanity; as he might as well have become a beast on the spot. 
The second circumstance is actually set up after he goes berserk for the first time. For some reason, his subconscious must have a guilt trip for consuming parts of his victims in his berserk mode that it keeps the number in check. For the next forty eight hours, if the number of victims comes up verbally it triggers an alarm within his mind. I'd advise getting as far away from him as possible within the next minutes as his mind completely breaks down. Everything in his sight will become a target of wanton destruction. When it's all over, you'll easily be able to follow him... Just follow the trail. 
Habits: Whiskey. He gets over stressed and he drinks a bit, which in actuality only makes this worse for he worries about the most ridiculous things. When watching after the kids, in a drunken state, he panicked thinking the roof was going to collapse over their heads and so on... 

Jasper © :iconsavy-writer: 
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