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Drawtober 2017 Dump by OpalesquePrincess Drawtober 2017 Dump by OpalesquePrincess
:iconpapmingplz: SO story time... I originally wanted to do colored pencil stuff all month but that ended up being too much by day 2. 
All this year I kinda was iffy about digital art, mainly because I wanted to do crafty and sketchbook stuff. So that's what I did. It changed
my style too. Like I wanted a more toony style for a long time and you can see where I implement it in this. 

Last February I made a "doll style" as I called it. This developed and merged with how I just draw characters and by the end of Drawtober I also had a more semi real doll style if that makes sense. I really did a lot of studies to find what I liked and made lists from artists I admired. (From tv, video games, anything.) I really delved back into the past and did all of this stuff. I do love drawing with good ol pencils and pens the most. In a little book sized sketchbook I can take anywhere. 

So these are in order, left to right, then down in rows of 3. I used 3 different sketchbooks so the images ended up being weirdly sized. I hope it makes sense. Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] But I am much happier with how I draw and design characters now than I did last year.

My favorites would be:   
8: Pumpkin Butcher (The toony doll style) 
18: Devil's Minion (Semi real doll style test!) 
19: Conjured Familiar (More semi real testing.) 

Drawtober 2017 Themes:  
1. Skeleton Parade
2. Stitched Together
3. Double, Double, Toil-n-Trouble
4. Shackled Wraith
5. Toxic Fairy Dust
6. Carnivore Carnival
7. Rat Queen
8. Pumpkin Butcher
9. Nautical Terror
10. Feathered Howler
11. Button-Eyed Scarecrow
12. Blood Harvester
13. Goopy Gobbler
14. Flesh Ripper
15. Fungus Collector
16. Shadow Prince
17. Daddy Long Legs
18. The Devil's Minion
19. Conjured Familiar
20. Candlelit Gravekeeper
21. Poisoned Apple
22. Zombie Kid
23. Possessed Marionette
24. Gory Gala
25. Little Red's Wolf
26. Plague Nurse
27. Dayscare Center
28. Bandaged
29. Jack's Lantern
30. Night "Mare" 
31. Sweet Tooth 

[Bonus] Spookstress by OpalesquePrincess 
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