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[Design Trade] Mermaids by OpalesquePrincess [Design Trade] Mermaids by OpalesquePrincess
2 in 1 trade with :iconjahpan: 
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DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*The creature was too wild with fear at the moment to be calmed down by Kendric's gift, it fled from him. It strained to get away when the chain drew taunt again, kicking its legs and thrashing it's tail. The shackle around its leg had some blackish red goop accumulated on the edges, it had rubbed off all the scales underneath and rubbed the underlining skin raw. It smelled awful, it was likely that the wound was infected.*

Nancy: The poor thing, if we don't get that shackle off it's only going to cause more trouble later on.
*She went for a different tactic, she swam around to approach it from the front so it wouldn't feel like they were trying to attack it from behind. Cooing softly.* Easy now, we're not trying to hurt you. Aren't you a beauty~

*This didn't work either, if anything, it only made it more agitated. It let out a continuous screech that was painfully high pitched, backing quickly away from her.* ( It sounds like one of these guys.… )

Nancy: *She hastily covered her ears and retreated. Shouting to be heard over the racket.* I think we're gonna need Thaddeus' help!

Leo: Oh.......*He felt it odd that Thaddeus would carve a story like that into his spear, considering he was like a whale himself.*

Researcher: You don't say.......cute little buggers them belugas. I wanna swim with one someday, bet it be-loads-a fun. *He laughed a little too hard at his own joke, slapping his knees and wiping a tear of mirth from his eye.*

Researcher: This has been loads of fun....but I gotta get back now, Benjamin will have my hide if I get back too late AND drunk. *He pushed himself away from the table, nearly knocking himself over in the process, and put a silver coin on the table. He turned and staggered towards the exit, humming a nameless tune.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Student Filmographer
(Ah God the frogs. x,D) 

Kendric: *Running his fingers through his hair in frustration* At this rate it's
going to lose a foot! 

Anya: It'll be worse if we just leave it here to get him. *She rushed it, trying to get a grip
on it. She knew full well this was only going to scare the poor thing though it was the only
thing she could think of to keep it from moving further.* 

Anya: Hold still ye stubborn thing. Nancy, Kendric, try and unlock the cuff! 

Kendric: A-Alright. He couldn't even get close. The creature kept flailing this way and that. By the time
Kendric even felt close enough to grab it, the chain knocked into his tail and sent him into the sand.* 

Kendric: A...ah... *He grimaced, it was equivalent pain to slamming one's shin into a hard surface.* 

Anya: Hell! 

*Took a moment for him to realize this and scratched his head.* 
Thaddeus: .... That might have come out wrong. *He started to laugh.* My father told me the tale years ago. 
I can't remember all of it. 

*He paused then, his brows furrowing. He set the spear down and tilted his head in the direction of the odd noise.* 
Thaddeus: Something...sounds distressed. *It stood out because of how unusual it was to the everyday clamor of the village
he usually picked up.* 

Thaddeus: Come along. *He spoke to Leo before hurrying off in the direction of the source.* 

*Edmund felt his eye twitching uncontrollably.* Edmund: *Thoughts: Was that a...pun?* 

Edmund: Benjamin... right. Best be off then. *He had absolutely no idea who that was. Not like he cared to remember any of them.
He let the drunken fool go about his way, quite comically in the process. Once he was out of sight, unease settled in. He kept his head
facing the table, drinking occasionally. He set a hand over the back of his neck when he felt eyes fall on him. The waitress returned
and took the silver.* 

Waitress: Want anything else? 

Edmund: I'm good, thanks. *He took some silver from his pouch and handed it to her. After waiting just a bit longer, he rose to leave.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nancy: *Her turn..... To her, the biggest obstacle was the tail, she thought up a quick plan then acted on it. She rushed forward and latched onto the tail, it seemed to work for a moment. But before she knew it she was thrashing back and forth violently with the tail.* Whooooaaaaa!

*The struggling and the additional weight of Anya and Nancy forced it onto its side. Feeling unbearably vulnerable it bucked and thrashed the water with its paws trying to right itself. The screeching only seemed to get louder and louder the longer the struggle went on, with an occasional stop to refuel its lungs.
Its eyes were nearly popping out of its sockets they were so wide with fright. All of this would have looked comical if it wasn't for the fact that it was in pain as well as afraid.*

Leo: *He laughed a bit as well.* That's ok, I get stories mixed up too. Sometimes I accidently mix two different stories together and make a completely new one.

Leo: *He followed along after him. Doing his best not to slow him down.* Something's distressed? Can you tell what it is?
*He became more worried when he noticed the direction they were taking.* Isn't this the way the others were talking about going? *He quickened his pace as much as he could, suddenly worried something had happened to them.*

Nancy: *Her grip slipped and she was sent streaking straight into a sand pile, it knocked the wind out of her momentarily.

*The other researchers tried to seem uninterested in Edmund as he got up, whispering a plan to confront him outside once he was a distance from the pub. No need to get the locals talking about them more than they already were.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Student Filmographer
Kendric: C-Calm down now. It's going to be fine. I'll catch you 
some fish to eat. *He didn't know if his voice was getting over
the creature's cries. He couldn't quite hear himself speaking as it

Anya: Troublesome...beast. *She gritted her teeth as it bucked
though didn't let go of him.* 

*Kendric saw the extent of the damage to its leg. Poor thing had undergone
some sort of ordeal alright.* 

Thaddeus: Don't know. It's odd. *He saw Leo pick up his pace and
followed suit, minding the buildings around them. They came upon
the odd scene shortly after.* 

Thaddeus: What in the seas?! 

Anya: Help! *She sputtered, her grip slipping.* 

*He moved closer, his eyes falling onto the chain disappearing into the
sand and the source of the infernal noise.* 

Thaddeus: ... *As peculiar as it was, he swam over to them and got a
grip on the chain binding the clasp to the creature's leg. He pulled on it
sharply and it snapped in two. Kendric watched this wide-eyed.* 

Kendric: *Thoughts: W...Woah.* 

Thaddeus: There we go... *He patted its head.* 

Anya: What should I...? 

Thaddeus: Just let it swim for a bit. It'll wear itself out. We'll help it more then.
*He ran a hand over his beard. He hadn't seen anything like it either.* 

*Anya released her grip and backed away.* 

*He didn't head to the inn immediately, not wanting to cross the researcher again.
Instead he wandered a bit off in no particular direction. He did make sure to keep
himself from heading back to the cove through the trees. That would have been
a horrible mistake. He sighed, tugging on his sleeve irritably.* 

Edmund: *Thoughts: I need to get this fixed... There isn't really a medical place
around here..* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*It immediately righted itself and took off, going as far as it could before slowing down. It was underfed and exhausted, it wasn't going to make it very far without a rest.
It used the adrenaline from the struggle to hide in some coral, curling up it tried to lick its wound.*

Leo: What in the world was that thing?

Nancy: We don't really know. *She watched it speed away quite a distance before it stopped.*
We should follow it right?

*They split up and followed him, they figured they would find out where he was staying before they tried to make contact.*

*After patiently following him for half an hour around town randomly they came to the conclusion that they were getting nowhere fast.
One worked his way around to come out in front of him.*

???: Howdy there. Are you a bit tipsy from rum or just lost?
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Student Filmographer
Thaddeus: Careful now. Hang back a bit before approaching.

*Anya tailed Kendric as he went off towards a small school of fish. She got the gist of what he was doing and quickly caught a few of them. He picked out a few and did the same, snapping their heads quickly so they weren't in pain.*

Kendric: We've got some fish! *He called. Thaddeus motioned him over and he approached the coral from the opposite side of them. He set the fish in the sand close to it before backing off to wait.*

*He was startled by this and backed off from them a bit. He fixed his glassed before responding.*

Edmund: Just taking a walk. *He mumbled something briefly to himself.*

Edmund: There wouldn't happen to be a medical tent around? *He took another srep back*
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*The creature waited a good five minutes before cautiously venturing out.
It kept its weight off its hurt back leg as it limped over to the food, grabbing a fish and quickly backing back into the shelter of the coral.*

*Feeling a bit bolder it hobbled out again after finishing off the first fish, it ate the second fish where it lay while keeping a wary eye on Kendric.*

Nancy: *She watched it from a safe distance, wondering what Thaddeus was going to do to help it.
She felt a tug at her heart as it hobbled about, it must have been painful.*

???: Nope. Afraid not, though maybe we can help. How badly are you injured? *He smiled warmly and took a few steps forward.*
You look spooked, you're not scared of me are you?
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Student Filmographer
Kendric: Good. *He sighed as Anya set out the other fish for it.* 

Anya: That's locked pretty tightly around its leg. Might even be in the skin. 

Thaddeus: Aye, we'll have to take'm into the village. Find a doctor that can get it off

Kendric: No way it would be willing to come with us. *He sighed heavily.* 

*Edmund didn't like that looked. It was the kind of welcoming smile that meant danger.* 
Edmund: M-My arm. Hit it on some...coral. *He backed up again.* I've patched it a bit. I think
I saw one back there actually. Yes I'm sure of it. 
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DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
(Your turn was so brilliantly emotional I wanted to put it here so we wouldn't lose it. I learned once you have a string of two hundred comments you can't see any that come after, you have to start a new string.)

[Edmund: I can't let them take you! *His expression looked almost broken.
He was soaking wet and couldn't keep his grip on the net. He ended up slipping
as he was reached for and crashed painfully back into the water.*

*He ran his nails along his forearm when he slowly changed back, digging them partially into
his skin. He shot off towards Anya the next moment, picking up Kendric in his arms as he fled
with them beneath the ship.*

Anya: Edmund?! *He didn't realize he'd latched onto one of her arms with his tentacle to pull her
behind him. He was absolutely miserable but he didn't look back at her. He managed to drag them all
into a current and they shot away from the ships.*

*Kendric was besides himself, he buried his face into Edmund's shoulder, a pained sob escaping his lips.
He'd seen the whole thing.*

Anya: Y-You just left him? In the net!? *She was close to shrieking.* Edmund! Look at me!

Edmund: I didn't have a choice. He made m-my hand slip. *He slowly released his hold on her
as the ships shrank behind them.*

*She fell horribly silent. Nothing she could think of would help them get Leo back. Her only hope was that the ships stopped
at the coast they were heading to. She buried her face against Nancy's head, fighting off the tears that stung her eyes.*

Anya: *In a horribly off tone.* W-We'll be at the shore in a couple hours if we swim with the current.]

(My turn.)

Leo: *He knew that it was his plan for Edmund to take the others and escape....... But actually watching Edmund take off with them and being left behind put him in a miserable state.
By the time the crew pulled him onto the deck he was a weeping, shaking, mess. He'd given up on fighting; he didn't even fight back when they untangled him from the net, quickly wrapping him securely from head to fin in soaked tarps.*

???: The others got away sir....

???: We got one, so that's something. Change course to follow the current, if that group was his pod we'll need to keep track of them. Try to catch them if we can.
Take him below deck and put him in with Medra and Sunshine.
And handle him carefully this time! We don't want him more injured than he already is, as it is we'll need to give him a full medical examination before we can move on to the other procedures.

???: Yes sir. *He turned to face the others.* Alright, you heard him. Get the lad down below and with the others, one more scratch on him and Benjamin will probably throw ya overboard.

Nancy: *She sobbed and cried openly, clinging tightly to Anya and leaving a rain a crystals in their wake. Exhausted but too miserable to sleep she sobbed for a straight hour, speaking in broken sentence between sobs occasionally.* W-we have to g-go back! *sob* We can't just leave him wh-*sob*wh-who knows what they plan on doing with him!

Nancy: *After an hour she was emotionally as well as physically exhausted, she mumbled half awake now.* The other mer....... said he saved you from snatchers........
He can save Leo right?......He has to......he has to........
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Student Filmographer
(qvq Thank you. Ah so we could probably keep rping on this one deviation then.
Hell I feel so bad for Leo...)

*It was horribly silent the duration of the trip. The only thing breaking the strained silence
was Nancy's cries. Even Kendric had fallen into a mute state of dismay. Anya swallowed roughly
when she was addressed, realizing they were further ahead than she thought.*

Anya: H-Hold on, starfish. Edmund, we have to get off here.

*Edmund pulled her out of the current with him though didn't stop swimming forward. She followed, failing to retrieve
her map from her pouch several times.*

Anya: Yes. H-He did. *Thoughts: Please be there...* He breached the hull of the ship.

*Edmund came back to them a little, he seemed the most distraught and kept clawing at the same arm that was responsible
for releasing his grip on Leo.* Edmund: T-The hull?  

Anya: Aye... his tail is that of a blue whale. He should be about middle aged. He won't look much of it I think. I've only seen him briefly
when I stopped back at home with the crew.
*She recognized the rocks around them and the lights in the distance. She pulled up to the surface to check and Edmund followed suit.
The island ahead looked very lively, with many ships in its port.* 

Anya: Head further south a bit, the safe cove for mers is that way. Pirates don't dare drop their anchors in fear of losing them. 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nancy: *She was beginning to fall asleep, mumbling a few final things as she nodded off.* Blue whale?...........He must be huge.....he'll save....he'll save Leo for sure.....
*Her eyes finally closed and her breathing slowed as she entered a deep sleep, a smile ghosting across her lips as she dreamed like Leo had never been taken and they were all safe and sound with Anya friends.*

*Then men took Leo down below as order, chatting as they carried him.*

1???: *He winced when Leo started sobbing again.* I wish there was a less traumatic way to catch them, this method seems too cruel to use on such sentient beings.

2???: Well we did try using the net in the current, if they had all just kept going with the flow this one wouldn't be hurt and it would have been quick and simple.
But it's like you said, they're just like us. They think and solve problems, makes it a lot harder to study or catch them

1???: We should give him an hour in the tank to de-stress before we take a look at his injuries.

3???: But let's put him in a "separate" tank from Medra shall we, he won't get any de-stress time if Medra pulls the same cr*p she always does.

2???: Right.......but you gotta admit, there are some benefits of being in the same tank as her.

3???: True, but even when she helping it's stressful.

*When they made it to the tank room they carried him to the unoccupied tank and carefully started to unwrap him, they were a bit wary and ready for a fight but they didn't get one.*

Leo: *He shied away from them when he was free of the tarp but he didn't really struggle when they lifted him up by his waist and deposited him in the tank.
He knew he would have no chance of overpowering three grown men, and even if he did by some miracle mange to do so he was below deck with no access to the sea. And it'd be impossible for him to drag himself up the stairs with only one good arm.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
*She bit her lower lip roughly as Nancy fell asleep, glad that she got some
form of relief from this. Kendric couldn't, knowing that Leo was being thrown
into some tank, or studied. He hoped they weren't torturing him.* 

*Edmund jolted when he saw a door open, not only that but there seemed to be an entire village of houses built beneath the water. 
It was the most peculiar thing. They'd entered the cove from a far end, and there was one home comprised of old ship wood that had
various sea items decorating the outside. What startled him though was the large mer that exited. He had broad shoulders and a build that
far surpassed Edmund. He was a bit taller than him, by a foot and a half, with copperish skin that had its fair share of the sun. His hair was short,
and he seemed to make a weak attempt at keeping his short beard at bay. His almond eyes fell on the group, then Anya and he smiled broadly. Edmund
did a quick scan of his tail and noted the multitude of scars here and there. He was even missing a chunk of his fin and one of his fingers.* 

???: Anya? *He called with a slight grin. This fell back into severity when they moved into the light of his home. He ushered them inside
and shut the door behind him.* 

*Like the outside, his home was decorated with spoils of war and other trinkets. He had a mediocre kitchen that melded into the main
sitting room and a space was cleared for his netted bed in the way back. He went to one of his baskets, pulling out a bunch of dried and salted fish
for them, setting them on woven pieces of kelp to serve.* 

Anya: Thank you, Thaddeus. *She sighed deeply, her expression worn as she set Nancy on the sand floor to tuck her in.

Thaddeus: Are they yours? They don't...

Anya: N-No. We were looking for the one's parents, her name is Nancy. And in Edmund's arms is Kendric. *She was a bit muddled with her responses
to him. He could tell the situation was a mess.* We had a t-third but a snatcher ship took him. There's two of them out there.

Thaddeus: ... *He swore lightly.* Where is it? 

Anya: An hour east with a current's help. 

*He grumbled deeply and ran his hand over his chin.* Thaddeus: I can shake them up for ye. Force them to settle on shore. We'll get the little one back. You're
safe here for now. *He began setting a heavy rope around him and picking out a weapon from the wall. Most were heavy spears. Edmund shrank back to seat himself
with the children. Kendric didn't fight him when he was tucked in, he kept staring at Thaddeus absolutely fascinated.* 

*Thaddeus looked back at him for a moment, his brows furrowing at the gem on  the child's forehead. He knew it well.* Thaddeus: Get some sleep now, all of ye.
*Anya rolled her eyes lightly. He chuckled a bit at this as he left, a weak attempt to lighten the mood before he was speeding away through the water. It would be later
before he could even get the ships in his sights.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
2???: Hey look, Sunshine is out and about. *He pointed to the tank next to Leo's where a little mer girl was shying out of the kelp.
He kneeled next to the tank and cooed softly.* Hey Sunshine, how ya feeling today?

Sunshine: *She was tiny thing to be sure, she couldn't have been older than 3 years. Her tail was a barracuda like Anya's but she didn't look anything like her when it came to her face.
She was startled when the man spoke to her, scooting back into the kelp a bit.*

2???: You're looking much better, nice to see you swimming on your own.

3???: It's a shame we couldn't save the mother and father, she would have been released months ago if we had. *He said in a hushed whisper, regret lacing his words.*

2???: *He immediately turned on his coworker and shhhed him with a scowl, but it was too late. Somehow, the little mer had picked up on one particular word.*

Sunshine: *She teared up and pressed herself against the glass, crying out pitifully.* Momma! I want my momma! Momma, where's my momma?!
*When they didn't answer her she beat on the glass with her tiny fist, screaming for her mother.*

*A grown mer came shooting out of the kelp and scooped the screaming child up, talking softly to her and rubbing her back. Trying to sooth the frantic child.
She shot a look at the men, looking rather pissed they had upset the little one.*

2???: Let's go before you upset the lad too. *He said, pushing the others towards the stairs.*

Sunshine: *She buried her face in the mer's shoulder, slowly calming down. Hiccuping a bit.*

Leo: *He looked over at the pair numbly, it was painfully familiar. Though he thought it was odd that she had a cloth covering her mouth, a lot like the turtle herder they had seen before.
He sniffled softly as he tried not to cry, catching the mer's attention.*

Medra: *She looked over at his tank in surprise, swimming over to look at him.* Hello there, they just brought you huh.
*She looked him up and down briefly.* By the looks of ya you'll be out of here in no time.

Leo: *He looked at her, confused but had a hopeful look.* Wh-what do you mean?

Medra: You're not permanently injured, they'll tag you and release you as soon as your injuries are better.
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
*He could hear wakes in the water as he traveled, tracking the ships
through sound. Once he had a clear idea on where they were he began
to close in. He passed the sea life around him without a bat of an eye, feeling
as though he'd been drawn back into the past for the moment. He was a sort
of father figure to most of the mers in the village, a sanctuary he helped build
with his own two hands. After the fall of the king and queen it was the least he could do.* 

*He set his sights on destroying snatcher's ships and rescuing the mers within them. He'd seen
all walks of life, and many different injuries the mers had received. It made him sour towards the two
legs, how they could treat them that way when they were so close to their own. The only difference
was the lower halves of them. They were weak in the water, he knew this well.* 

*His eyes narrowed as he spied the two ships off in the distance and rose to the surface to replenish his air for
a moment. He tightened his hold on his spear and dove back down, speeding towards the first one in sight. Indeed,
the hulls looked much stronger than he'd seen in the past, though it wasn't the first one he'd dealt with like this.
As long as he damaged the ship enough to warrant alarm they could not keep sailing without risking the safety of the crew.
He slammed into the side of it, his spear cracking part of the wood though not as considerably as it could have. He arched
a brow.* 

*The build may have been different, he wouldn't need to hold back with them. He pulled back and repeated the action, more forcefully.
A loud snap ran through the water, again hardly any visible damage had appeared on the surface of it but the force was enough to
rock the entire ship. He set his ear against the hull of the ship for a moment, trying to listen for any sounds within it. He moved
onto the next ship and rammed it the same way, pausing to do the same.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*All the crew members latched onto the nearest sturdy object as the ship shuddered violently.*

1???: What in the hell was that?! We didn't hit a reef did we?

2???: We're no where near any reefs. We didn't hit something, something hit us!

Leo: *He let out a frightened shout as the water in the tank sloshed around.*

Medra: *She held the child tightly as she screamed, poor thing was frightened out of her mind going upside down when she lost control didn't help.
She did her best to right their position, it was difficult. The fake tail did nothing but hide her stump.*

Sunshine: *She clung to her, eyes wide open in terror. Crying in fear.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
*Thaddeus scowled. He could hear them within the base of the ship. He
circled it, bashing it from the other side. He breached the surface of the water
as a warning before using the downward momentum to propel himself into the side
of the ship again. All of this was creating a heavily stirred wake around the boat.* 

Thaddeus: Better try and catch me, little ones. *He remarked, metaphorically
looking down on the crew. He wanted to get a good look at them, maybe knock a few out into the 
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DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
(We ran out of room in the other one so I hope you don't mind me starting my turn here.)

Leios: *He took Kendric distracted state as an opportunity to get the fish without any hassle, snapping it up and swallowing it just like he had Leo's. He was lucky, he didn't lose any fingers, the only thing that remained of the fish was the tail that Kendric still held.*

Leo: *His eyes were watching with Kendric's just as curiously, with a hint of worry.* I don't know..... We should go up there and keep an eye on him, Anya would lose it if anything happened to him.
*Thouhts: Lik how she almost lost it back with the stonefish hunter....*

Leo: *He swam up towards the surface, forcing Leios to follow along as well.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
(All good.) 

Kendric: Right. *He grimaced at the sight of the fish tail in his hand and quickly discarded it.
He swam after Leo, motioning for Nancy to follow.* 

*On shore Edmund was now trying to shove a reasonable sized rock across the sand, already
sweating profusely from the running.* 

Edmund: I'm either going to get dehydrated...or this bloody thing is too heavy for the sand. 
*He gave another good push and swore lightly as he felt it sink deeper into the sand. He moved
back over to the rock pile to start smaller. He picked up one he could hold in his hands and slowly
began to walk down the shore with it; stumbling a bit here and there.* 

Kendric: What's he doing that for? 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nancy: *Looked back at the cave before warily following after Kendric, after the last few days she was incredibly apprehensive about going anywhere without the adults nearby. But she guessed since Edmund was up there it couldn't hurt to stray away from the cave, just for a little while.*

Leo: *He watched Edmund with absolute befuddlement as Edmund carried a rock towards the shore.* Uh.......maybe he just doing exercise this way cause its easier on his injury?

Leios: *He swam towards the shore a bit, pull against the rope a bit. He was curious, he had never seen a two leg before and wanted a closer look.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
Kendric: Is that what it is? It looks like it's hurting though...

*Edmund dropped the stone on the sand at a certain point and ran back to
get another. His face was clearly twisted in some sort of pain though he kept himself moving.* 

Edmund: *Thoughts: The sun isn't entirely up yet... I have to do this an hour every morning if I expect 
some improvement.* 

*He stooped down and tried to pull the rock again, instead of pushing it; trying to work those muscles in
his upper arms so he'd have a better grip; thinking of the past couple times where this had failed him.* 

Kendric: *Thoughts: Does Greke exercise too then? * 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Leo: looks like he may be pushing himself a little too hard. He might get himself hurt if he keeps going like this.

Nancy: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go tell Anya before he collapses. *Without wait for a response she darted down back towards the cave.*

Leo: H-hey, wait for us! *He went after her, though Leios was giving him a hard time. Still straining to head for shore.
He rolled his eyes and tugged on the rope to try and get Leios going the right way.* Come on Leios, you can watch two legs later....Just come on already.

Nancy: *She swam over to where Anya was still sleeping and lightly shook her by the shoulder.* Anya, wake up. Edmund is onshore, we're worried he might hurt himself.....
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
Kendric: W-Wait, I think he's just---... there she goes. *He sighed
deeply. He figured Edmund was fine. Despite looking pained he also 
kept moving.* 

Kendric: *Thoughts: He could just stop right? But he doesn't want to...* 

*Anya opened her eyes sleepily.* Anya: What, starfish? Edmund... *She felt
the sand next to her and noticed his absence. She had the same problem a night ago.* 

Anya: He might be worried about the curse. He told me he wasn't sure how long he could stay
underwater. I think he's overthinking it. *She ran a hand gently over her head before swimming out of the
cove to make her way to the surface. She slipped through the water right besides Kendric and grinned
when he jumped a bit in his spot.* 

Anya: What's he doing now? 

Kendric: S-Still trying to pull that rock. He was running before and carrying some of them.

Anya: Oh? *She seemed amused by this and watched Edmund's movements like a shark.
She waited for him to turn back around before slipping back into the water and heading towards the shore; pulling herself up
onto it.* 

*Edmund jumped when he spotted her, dropping his hold on the stone.* 

Anya: Ye look pretty tired, two leg. What were you doing? *Her fin was flipping lightly as she propped herself up on the sand, a devious
grin dancing on her lips.* 

Edmund: A-Anya... uhm...well. You see... I was just moving these. 

Anya: Oh?~

Edmund: Over there. That's all. Stretching my legs. 

Anya: Why don't you come back in the water, Edmund. You look like you're going to keel over. 

*He reluctantly made his way back into the water, about waist deep, before he changed back. She pulled him back onto shore, where he just
changed back into a two leg. He didn't see the point of this.* 

Edmund: Why would you---

Anya: Ye change back every time you enter the water. So don't stress over it. *She set a hand on his chest and pushed him down gently. He sighed deeply,
grumbling as she splashed him with water to cool him off.* 

Anya: He's alright little fishes! 

Edmund: W-What...? 

*Kendric waved from the outskirts of the shoreline. Edmund ran a hand over his face.* 

Edmund: *Thoughts: Were they watching that? 'ell....* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nancy: *She was quick to follow as Enya headed back up, passing Leo dragging a stubborn Leios on the way.*

Leo: *He ground lightly and air-conditioning turned around, swimming along behind them as towards the surface.*

Leios: *He was more than eagar to had back up, it ended up with him dragging Leo instead of the other way around.*

Leo: *Watched the astounding sight of Edmund switching back and forth between forms.
He held on tight to the rope while Anya consoled him and put his mind to ease. Once they were finished and looking their way he allowed Leios to win and head over to them.*

Leios: *He had nearly choked himself struggling against the rope, and there was still some resistance as they got closer. He crawled out of the water and onto the shore with ease, giving himself a shake before trotting over to the couple.
He sniffed at Edmund curiously, glancing over at Anya occasionally to be certain she wasn't going to grab him or anything.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016  Student Filmographer
Edmund: My legs fine...really. It's just a bit bruised and battered.

Anya: Don't overwork yourself in one go. *She traced a nail up his chest before
tapping it against the center of his ribcage.* I worry. 

*Edmund shifted, tucking his knees against his chest when he spied the creature
waddling its way towards them. He tilted his head this way and that to try and get
a better look at it.* 

Edmund: How odd... I've never seen this species before. *He sat up and eyed it, spotting
Leo as well. Anya made no moves to mess with it, simply propping her head on her arms to
enjoy the sun.* 

*Kendric worked his way on shore, tugging on Nancy's arm lightly to follow. He stayed in the shallow area
where little waves were still lapping up on the shoreline.* 
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hey there i am having a hard time coming up with ideas for yours, is there any like creatures you would want for your part and like a color scheme?
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Student Filmographer
Yeah. Probably a cool colored (blues/purples) bear sort of monster? 
Jahpan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
sure so that and you wanted the macabre bear one thats brown with red blood?
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Filmographer
Yup vuv
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These look fab!! Love the lil one
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are we doing 2 total i forgot how many lol
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Yeah 2 for 2. x,D You're welcome <333
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