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Castiel Headshot by OpalesquePrincess Castiel Headshot by OpalesquePrincess
This took forever because I was testing out brushes...and figuring out how to color hair properly. :,,} Because it was driving me crazy. 

6u6 So here's Castiel with his hood up. quq 

Castiel © Lhs-Princess 
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DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
This is great! Looks so lifelike.
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Student Filmographer
quq Yes. He's adorable.

I'll reply to the rp when I get home.
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Student Filmographer
(A bit late but I got it. vuv) 

Charlie: Yeah. Zipper's too big to fit so he hid himself outside.
Good thing is he'd be able to carry all of us once we find Locke.

*He looked behind him, noticing that Cas had pulled up his hoodie
over his head, a serious look crossing his face. Charlie's expression turned
somewhat downcast, he only wished he could assist more than a quick escape.
The kid was more than capable of handling himself, but he couldn't help but worry 
something was going to go wrong.* 

Cas: Alright, down here. *He raised the steps, struggling slightly as he did so for the
others to descend. Charlie quickly moved over to Zipper, who was already bounding
over to their location by the time his shoes touched down on the ground.*

Charlie: Zipper, we have to go to the mansion place. Can you stop somewhere around the side...
Out of view if possible. *He really hated this, but they owed Locke so much. They couldn't
just leave him there. Zipper wrapped his tail around Charlie and helped him onto his back. He did
the same for the others, eyeing Cas's bear as he shook himself off before falling onto all fours.* 

Cas: I'll go around the front. Stay out of the way. *He climbed onto his bear's back and sped ahead.
Charlie patted Zipper's side the moment everyone was secure to get moving...* 

*As he figured, and dreaded, there were multiple painters guarding the front of the entrance. Cas made
quick work to begin his assault and as Charlie had seen before, feeding his bear paint turned it into a horrific

Charlie: This way. *He motioned for Zipper to keep moving around back and avoid as many of the painters as


*Lexa tilted her head to the side, a curious smirk flickering onto her face* 
Lexa: He's going to be super pissed. You did that? Thank me? You're kinda cute for a monster. 

*A shadow stepped out into the hallway, a large figure that looked like a bear and rabbit sewn together.* 

Lexa: Yes?~ *She called behind her in a light coo towards the brightly colored creature. It sagged like a stuffed
doll, curling over quite a bit just to fit its tall stature into the hallway. Though it didn't speak, the girl seemed to 
understand exactly what it was saying.* 

Lexa: Oh... Someone's making a mess out front. Don't kill all of them without me! *She gave Lirit a look before
lifting her chainsaw and heading back with the monster. 8,,} Good thing she was in a good mood.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Joy: Right, this would be a lot more difficult if we didn't have Zipper here with us.
*She motioned for the Scouts to follow as Lucky lead her to and down the stairs to the waiting Zipper, she may have not been able to see their expressions but as she climbed down the steps she could feel the tension in the air.*

Scouts: *They ran after Joy and Lucky when signaled to follow, they followed along behind for a bit before snagging a hold on the back of her jeans and scaling upwards using those sharp little claws of theirs. Some of them, like Red, scaled up to perch on her shoulders, a couple just clung to the back of her shirt, and one had found himself a snug and comfy seat in her pocket.
None of them had hitched a ride with Lucky though, he already had a passenger on his back. Being smaller than pretty much everything in their surroundings they were wary and cautious about anything new or strange, including mini Zip.
Though eventually they would grow curious enough to investigate the strange creature riding atop Lucky's back.*

Joy: *It didn't hurt to have the Scouts climb up her but it was a little uncomfortable when their tiny little claws poked into her back.
She climbed down the stairs right as the last Scout found its place and held on tight, she released her hold on Lucky's bar once they were off the stairs making it easy for Zipper to pick her up and place her on his back.*

Joy: *She could hear the horrific sound of fighting as Cas started the attack, it started to fade though as Zipper stealthily made his way around towards the back and eventually stopped.
Once she was sure they weren't going to move again she turned her attention to the Scouts, taking one off her shoulder and addressing the others in a quiet tone.*
Alright. This is where you guys come into play, you remember the man in the portrait Cas showed you? I need you to go inside that mansion and find him, keep an eye out for any potential dangers while you're in there. Report back here once you've found him.

Scouts: *Having heard her her instructions they scurried down her back and down Zipper's legs, they were a bit helter-skelter as they raced towards the mansion but the red one soon organized them into effective team.
Soon enough they disappeared out of view into the mansion splitting up into groups of two to spread out and search for Locke.*

Joy: *She held the one in her hand back as it tried to race off to follow the others.* Whoa there, you're not going with them. I have a special job for you.
*It looked up at her curiously, wondering what its special mission would be.*
I need you to sneak around to the front where Cas is, if it looks like he's in serious trouble or a dangerous man and a child monster show up you come back immediately and let us know.
Think you can handle that on your own?
*The Scout hopped up and down excitedly in her hand, eager to show that it could handle it.*
Alright then, I'm counting on you. *She placed the Scout down on Zipper's back and it raced off to climb down to the ground, as soon as its feet touched the earth it darted towards the front where the action would be. Occasionally taking cover behind rocks and clumps of grass to conceal itself.*

Lirit: *She wasted no time racing back the way she came towards the paint storage room, thinking that if there was something going on outside in the front that there wouldn't be as many monster and Painters inside.
This was the perfect opportunity to get Locke and escape from this death trap of a mansion one she wasn't about to pass up, even if she was starting to tire again.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Student Filmographer
*The Painter made his way back to his studio room, the sketchbook
tucked tightly under one of his arms.* 

Painter: I don't have time to deal with the ones outside... The one
did a number on you.
*He spoke lowly as he circled the table the Charcoal
Boy was laid out on. He didn't respond.* 

Painter: Where to start.... This is proving to be troublesome. *He flipped
open Joy's sketchbook, his fingers leaving charcoal dusted prints over the edges as he did so.
He grinned deviously, simply sending tendrils to repair the boy as he turned to a canvas.* 

Painter: I know what to create now... *He sneered and dipped a brush into a can
of.... "paint" besides him.* 

Charlie: *After having watched the little scouts scurry off* So we wait now? *He murmured, keeping his
voice low. It was a while before a familiar rev hit his ears.* Oh *He quickly patted Zipper's
side and he took off quickly around to the back of the house; ducking behind a dried out wall of shrubbery. * 

Charlie: The Bones lady.... *He told Joy, keeping his head beneath the hedge* She challenged me and I nearly 
lost an arm... She wasn't serious because I was a kid is what she said. That there wasn't much of a fight to it. 
The rabbit thing of her's is terrifying. *He imagined Cas facing down with that and his face paled. She wouldn't fight 
him right?* 

Lexa: Hey! It's the little one! *She shouted over the rev of her chainsaw, one boot holding down a painter as she worked
sever his arm from his shoulder. She wasn't paying mind to the horrid choking screams escaping the man's lips. She waved
briskly over to Cas, who was riding on top of his bear to keep him relatively out of harm's way. He only looked over to her for
a moment before continuing to hold them off. It wasn't that the painters were outnumbering them, it was more that they had
created little legions of monsters to fill in the gaps.* 

Lexa: Alright... Ignore me then. *She finished off the one she was pinning down, grinning wildly as she eyed the legion.* 

Lexa: All yours sweetie! *She called up to her bear rabbit abomination. It turned sharply to face the monsters before swiping a paw
at them, knocking them all over like bowling pins.*

Charlie: I think... one is coming back, I'm not sure. *It was hard to see over the hedge and well the entire garden was greyed out so the
little scouts would have blended pretty well.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Joy: *She nodded.* Yeah, hopefully it won't take them very long to find him..........I hope he's ok.
*She nervously twiddled her thumbs while waiting for their return. Her head jerked up when she heard the sound as well, she didn't even have a chance to ask what was going off before Zipper took off at Charlie's tap.*

Joy: Bones lady? *She mumbled confused as she frowned, imagining a crazy lady in skeleton costume. She got more worried the more he explained, this didn't sound good.*
Well.....Cas is even younger than us right? Maybe she'll leave him alone. The scout will let us know though if Cas starts having trouble.
*She didn't even want to think about the rabbit thing he was talking about, guessing that it was her monster companion.*

Lirit: *She let the fake Locke slid off her back with a splat as she rushed into the supply room she had left the real Locke and hurried up the shelf where she had him hidden away, she pulled off the tarp and sighed in relief to find him just as she left him.
She gave his cheek a quick nuzzle before moving him onto her back, making sure he was in a comfortable position before hopping down off the shelf and trotted towards the door.
She had to be even more careful now that she was carrying the real Locke again, looking around cautiously as she made her way through the door and out into the hall. Most of the Painters would be occupied with whatever was going on outside but there might still be a few slinking around inside.*

The Scouts: *The three groups of twos made their way through the mansion in different directions, the group with their leader Red was the first to spot Lirit and Locke.
The Scouts could somehow tell that Lirit was created by the same as them, but they still remained in the shadows wary of the damage she could cause them if she didn't recognize them as friends and not foes.
The flashed their lights at each other as they followed her, trying to figure out what to do. It was decided that Red would remain following Lirit as long as she had Locke and the other would return back to Joy and report what they had found.
The dark grey one bounded off back the way the came the cover of the shadows.*

Joy: Really? *If she could still see she would have been tempted to peek over the hedge to see for herself, as it was she just waited patiently by Charlie.*

*The scout made its way towards their hiding place, its progress was slow as it was trying to remain undetected by any unfriendly eyes. Soon enough it found them behind the hedge and clambered up Zipper and into Joy's lap, panting a bit before it flashed its light in morse code to relay what it had seen.*

Joy: do know morse code right Charlie? *She turned her head towards Charlie with a hopefully expectant look on her face.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Student Filmographer
Charlie: Yeah... this girl with paint in her hair...and a chainsaw. *He cringed.
That thing was terrifying.* He'll be alright. Yeah. 

*He hunkered down, checking over the hedges briefly before ducking his head.
No...probably best not to give into that temptation. The last thing he wanted to
do was make direct eye contact with the Original Artist or something. :,,} Would
be just his luck. His eyes fell on the scout that came their way and started spurting

Charlie: Uh...hold on. *He tried to recall what the pauses meant though couldn't quite make it

Cas: Hey. *He muttered. Charlie jolted, looking up to see him paint splattered and sitting
on top of his bear's head. Charlie nearly fell backwards off of Zipper, who tightened his grip
on them with his tail to prevent this.* 

Charlie: I thought you were fighting painters in the front?

Cas: I was... but Lexa ruined my fun. *He patted his bear's head and he lowered him a bit.* 

*Cas's eyes fell on the scout, his face lighting up immediately.* 

Cas: They found dad! 

Charlie: Really?! Alright. Zipper, set us down. *He patted Zipper's side and he complied, a streak
of chalk dust marking up his side as he slid off of him then helped Joy. This was going better than
he thought it would... though they weren't inside the building so it would go without saying that their
luck was with them. That and Lirit halting the Charcoal Boy's efforts.* 

*Locke shifted a bit on Lirit's back, a low groan escaping his lips. He patted her head lightly as she moved
thanking her. He stiffened a bit, grasping onto her side as he heard someone. There was a short figure making their
way over to them, fiddling with his scarf as he went. He did not seem happy in the least.* 

Graven: Who the hell are you? *He snapped at Lirit, weighing the piece of lead in his hand. He looked over Locke, his jaw
shifting as he did so. He was already on his nerves. Locke didn't move, knowing he didn't have the strength to.* 

Graven: Well? Did you make this thing? *He held a little scout in his hands, shaking it a bit.* Interrupted my damn sleep.
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