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Before the Rust by OpalesquePrincess Before the Rust by OpalesquePrincess
Fright © :iconsavy-writer: 
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DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
He looks so bored.
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Student Filmographer
Incredibly... Unfortunately this never lasted. 

*Cody arched a brow at this... Wait she meant a dog? He bit the side of his mouth, questioning if it was a good idea or not.
Benjamin wasn't listening to any of the red flags, as it was he simply wanted to see a bat live and in person. Cody watched his face light up
as she finally agreed, his head turning down to spy the ferret going wild in its containment.* 

Cody: Come on little guy you need some sleep. I'd like to keep my fingers. *He tapped the side of the bars before rising and moving over to the pair.
Wasn't hard to spot Butch when they reached the back of the room. He moved in a wide arc around the counter just to avoid the sleeping bulk.
Benjamin nodded briskly, his ears twitching lightly as he listened intently for the little bat.* 

*Harry swallowed again, loosening his bowtie with a claw.* Harry: Well uh, no I don't reckon I have. That was the first time I've ever seen the fell'a like that.
*His ears drooped at the next statement.* Harry: Most of it when he woke up. The nightmare, the outburst, whatever you whispered... all of it. 

*Fright felt himself slammed against the walls a few times as the monster continued his rampage. He gave up attacking his eyes when he saw it was a futile effort and worked to get
away from him. Unfortunately his wing had snagged on the end of his shirt and he had to fight to get it loose.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*The dog's ear twitched as they passed by, he let out a huff but didn't respond otherwise.
I let out a relieved sigh and opened the door to the back room for them, chuckling as Benjamin practically zipped by me into the room.*

*A white bundle of fur and velvety wings hung by its feet from a branch in sizable cage in the corner of the room, like all fruit bats this was one was much larger than the typical bat you might think of.
as we drew nearer to the cage the large wings unfurled to reveal a somewhat dog or foxlike face peering curiously at us as we approached with wide ruby eyes.*

Well, there she is. What do you think Benjamin, pretty stunning isn't she?

Cassandra: Well........there's nothing I can do to make you unhear what you heard. So you will have to remain here with me until I can think of a solution.
Oh don't worry I'll make sure you aren't bored, for now you can help me prepare J for his CAT scan. Come on now, up and at em. *She got up from her chair and moved over to the bookcase and motioned for him to do the same.*
Cassandra: If you were planning on trying for making a run for it I suggest you forget it, you have no idea of where your game arcade is.
If you still plan on risking it just remember.......I have no qualms about falling back on plan B.

Boomer: *Lucky for Fright he didn't have much stamina, after a few minutes of rampaging around the hall careening into the walls several times he finally wore himself out and slumped against the wall.
Despite this he was still hissing at Fright.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Student Filmographer
*Benjamin approached the cage and stared up at her with wide eyes.* 
Benjamin: Wow. Can she see me? *He waved his paw before resting his chin on his arms,
his ears shifting lightly as he watched her with utmost curiosity.* 

Cody: I doubt she's blind. *He stared at Benjamin then, noticing something was missing. Kid was supposed to be a bat
"character" but he didn't have any wings. What was the deal with that? He didn't know if he should pry and ask.* 

Harry: I figured as much... *He sighed and slumped back in his seat. He didn't understand what a CAT scan was, though stood regardless.
Not like he had any other choice. With the threat of her tearing out his voice box what else could he do? He followed her to the bookshelf, shaking his
head wildly as she brought up the consequences for trying to run; fear gripping his chest once again.* 

Harry: N-No...No I don't and I'm not. 

*Feeling victorious he released his wing and crawled off of Boomer; giving him a light shriek of annoyance as he circled him.* 

Fright: Bulky thing, how are you not rusted from all of that steam? *He snapped his teeth, narrowing his eyes at him.* 

Fright: Too angry to fear anything... 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, she can't see very well but she can still see you. She's about as sweet as the fruit she eats too, one time Ford let me hold her. She was a little shy at first but she warmed up quickly, she liked to play with my hair.
*I went over to a bowl sitting on a nearby table and brought it over, offering it's contents to Benjamin and Cody.* You guys wanna feed her some of these? The peach slices are her favorites by far, but she'll eat almost any kind of fruit.

*The bat's interest in us was piqued when she saw the bowl of fruit. She unfolded her wings completely and dropped from her branch, she flew to land on a branch nearer to the bar and landed on it right-side-up.
She was eyeing the bowel like a kid at the candy store eyes lollypops.*

Cassandra: Good. I'm really not in the mood to chase you down again, I rather spend my time and efforts on something productive.
*She pressed the button on the device she kept in her pocket and the bookcase slid to the side.* After you little hare~ Wouldn't want you to be out here by yourself after all.
*The lights leading in flickered to life to reveal the hallway to the room J was in.*

Boomer: Who are you calling bulky you little rusty pipsqueak. *He hissed, not bothering to answer the question.*

Boomer:............Fear. What is this fear you speak of? *He had a genuine looked of irritated confusion on his face.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Student Filmographer
Benjamin: Ok. *He picked up a slice of peach and held it up for her to take; his eyes glued to her with the utmost curiosity.* 

*Cody almost laughed at this. It was just so strange how expressive the little robotic bat was. It was almost disturbing how realistic he acted. His face fell then.
What had been intended as a lighthearted thought turned morbid. He remembered someone crying over him then, it was weird as he couldn't remember much clearly
when he was sedated.* 

Cody: *Thoughts: They shouldn't be able to cry...right? They wouldn't need to... That doesn't make sense.* 

Harry: I'm coming. Don't need to tell me twice. *He felt grim about the whole process as he followed her into the hallway. Seeing J again, clearly this time,
was not a pretty picture. He was still way out of it, Harry was almost thankful for that. The poor guy was in a great deal of pain before; more than he knew was possible before.
He started to think then, if their existence as characters had a double meaning to it. What if they were like J? All of them. He felt something running down his face and rubbed his paw against
his eye; swearing lightly as he did so.* 

Harry: W-Well shoot... I've sprung a leak or somethin'. 

Fright: You. *He tilted his head, a slight frown forming on his face. It was such a simple concept, of course he had to know what it was.* 

Fright: Something you give to another, and they don't like it. The giver enjoys it. It's a feeling, expression...emotion. *He tapped his claws against Boomer's shell
before continuing to circle him back and forth.* 

Fright: It could be anything. I've seen many different types. 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*She gazed at the peach with longing, glancing at Benjamin nervously while inching closer. Scooting foot by foot down the branch towards the bar of the cage.
When she was close enough she darted her head forward and snatched the tasty morsel in her jaws, quickly retreating it back to hold it still using the claws on her wings while she munched away. She finished it rather quickly; she looked hopefully back at Benjamin, licking her chops to savor the last of the peach juice still on her chin.*

You ok Cody? You got a strange look on your face....

Cassandra: *Hearing the muttered curses she glanced back at Harry, a thoughtful look crossing her face as she saw his tears.* Hmm........just like with the bat.
*She stopped and turned to face him, bending down to be eye level with him.* Little hare. You're not leaking, you're crying. *She took her paw and brushed a tear from his cheek.* Don't know why though. Is it J? I've made him as comfortable as I could, gave him the proper dosage of painkiller and what not.

Cassandra: *Brushing aside the momentary wave of pity she felt she got up starting moving J's bed toward a machine.* Now help me move him so we can find out how we can help him, unless you're content just leaving him in the confused and pained state he will be in when he wakes up.

Boomer: *He was still pretty befuddled, he hated the feeling. Made him want to bite Fright for causing it*...........So.....pain? You give people pain, they don't like that. Its expression.
*He hissed angrily and jerked violently when he tapped his shell. He had recovered some of his energy he spent in his last rampage, but it still wasn't enough for him to start another one.
It wouldn't be long though......*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Student Filmographer
Cody: Something's been bothering me. Benjamin was crying earlier. I know he was upset but... that just can't happen.
It shouldn't happen. *It was too real. He didn't want to say that out loud, it was clear Benjamin had a clear enough existence
as a "character" but there was a point where simulation of reality was too real.* 

Cody: Getting a real... deja vu sort of vibe from this. Some voodoo or magic shit, I don't know. The ones at the boardwalk were too...much like 
people to be comfortable. *He ran a hand over his head.* 

Benjamin: I think... maybe it's to relate to the kids. 

*Cody jolted, he didn't realize Benjamin had been listening the whole time.* 

Benjamin: I don't know what it was either. I just felt helpless. *He held up another piece of fruit for her while he spoke, not seeming the least bit bothered
about what he said.* 

Harry: ... Really? *He felt embarrassed, he didn't really know why that happened. He'd seen kids cry over fallen icecream and other menial things... well save some that
lost their parents.* 

Harry: I..I uh. *He sniffled, running his paws over his face to try and hide the tear streaks* I was just thinking too deeply is all. 

*He fell silent and moved over to J's side, helping her move him to the machine.* 
*Fright noticed a connection between his anger and being touched. He was catching on but not quite to what he had implied in terms of fear.* 
Fright: It makes them cry...or run...or scream. Makes you angry. It's like pain, but on two levels. Most of it is trapped in their heads. *He tapped his shell lightly again before backing away
and standing.* 

Fright: You don't like being touched. Ever asked why? Is it what's under the shell? Did someone do something before? What's gnawing away at you?  
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