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A.P. Arcade Poster by OpalesquePrincess A.P. Arcade Poster by OpalesquePrincess
Felt like making some advertising posters for the Arcade... or rather some foreshadowing. :,,} 

Henry, Benjamin, Harry © :iconlhs-princess: 
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DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*It has been several months since the fiasco at the mall, since then the animatronics have been repaired, and there have been a few improvements to the mall.
They had been getting complaints about there not being a place for the teenagers to hang out so they constructed a nickel arcade, right next to Rody's Rodeo challenge.*
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Student Filmographer
*An unfamiliar hare bounded around the arcade as the machines were
being dusted off right before the opening. He seemed to be in a bit of a fit, as
this was supposed to be done hours ago and he aimed to make a good impression.* 

Harry: Now ya'll best get that last row cleaned up! I know these machines look ancient
but they work pretty well! 

*The few human workers hardly minded him and plugged in the machines, flipping the switch
to turn them on. The screens flickered to life and soon the game space was filled with the blare
of the machines. The rabbit huffed, crossing his arms tightly in front of his chest as they walked off,
talking amongst themselves.* 

Harry: Honestly... Now where's that bat scurry off to? *He adjusted his bow tie and scowled* 
He's on the poster, he 'ought to be right here when the doors open! *His eyes scanned the machines
before spying one of the tails of Benjamin's scarf poking out from behind a machine. He'd been hiding
from the workers, and well everyone that tried to make eye contact with him. He didn't want to come here, 
as it was easier to hide in the original location...* 

Harry: Come on now! It's the big opening!

Benjamin: N-N-No! *He protested to being dragged out from the dark, before being set down by the front 
doors. Harry patted him off.* 

Harry: Calm down! Those kids are looking for some quality entertainment! Take your work with pride!

Benjamin: I...really don't want to.

Harry: Alright! Open the doors! *He grinned broadly as the employee gave him a look before propping the door
open. It would figure that no one was in sight waiting eagerly to enter like he anticipated. Simply there were shoppers
bustling here and there without any mind to the place; as if it didn't exist. Harry's ears drooped after several minutes.* 

Harry: Well... *He muttered, one of his ears twitching sharply.* Guess I'd...better check up on the party room. 

Benjamin: A-Ah...T-There might be some people. *Please no* It's early. 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*There was a bit of a commotion at the entrance of the arcade, two people bickering, one pulling the other towards the arcade.*

No! Nononono! Of all the places you want to go on my day off you choose the mall I work at?!
I spend most of my nights at this nuthouse I don't want to spend even a single second of my free time here! *I resisted as my overly enthusiastic and excitable friend dragged me towards the new nickel arcade.*

Rachel: Oh come on, you promised me you would do whatever I wanted to do today to make up for being too exhausted to come to my birthday party, remember?
*She gave my arm another tug.* Plus, we could be the first ones here! We wouldn't have to wait, we could have first pick of alllllllll the games in there.
And they're nickel games! Do you have any idea how many games we would get to play for five dollars? 100!!! And it's not just games, they have air hockey and that ride simulator too!

*I gave in with a sigh, it was no use trying to change her mind. She was like a bulldog when it came to ideas, once she had one she was never gonna drop it.*
Fine...........We can go in. But if I see even one animatronic that looks dangerous I'm outta here.

Rachel: *She gave a squeal of joy and dragged me all the way in.* I knew you would see it my way, now let's go have some fun!
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Student Filmographer
*Benjamin was nearly ready to escape back into the darkness that was behind the arcade machines when Harry caught his arm in a vice grip. Looks like he recovered from disappointment rather quickly.*

Harry: Well I'll be... Here's two right now!

*Benjamin sunk back a little bit, as he was being dragged towards the door. Those did not look like the kids he expected. He looked back towards J for help, who mindlessly hovered near the way back though he didn't seem to notice him at all and simply disappeared into the employee halls.*

Harry: Welcome to our fine arcade! I'm Harry and this is my good friend Benjamin!

Benjamin: *His attempts to escape were in vain, he was in full sight of the pair. Ironically it appeared like he wasn't the only one being forced here out of his free will.*

Benjamin: H...Hello.

Harry: This is an expansion of the famed Amusement Park, located more towards the east; established 1983.~

*Benjamin grimaced. Here he goes again. He could prattle on for hours. What a pain.*

Harry: ---and if ya'll get hungry, there's a little food section near the party rooms.

Benjamin: *After being shoved in an equivalence to being hit* Y-Yeah. And Henry runs the show area. *He didn't know what to say, not like they rehersed this or anything. Hopefully Henry would only do this for the very first customers... This was going to be a long day.*
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Rachel: *She gasps as the pair of animatronics introduced themselves........She kinda has this obsession with anything animal related.* A hare and a bat? They're soooooooooo cute!~
Oh there's snacks? Great! *She pushed me over to stand in front of them.* You stay here and ask them which games are the best ones to play. I'll go see what kind of food there is and exchange this five dollar bill for nickels to use.

Rachel: Don't go and have too much fun without me~ *And with that she took off towards the back with a mischievous smile and a wave as she went.
She knew full well that I didn't want to be on own.*

*I stared after a bit dumbstruck, that girl could talk faster than a professional radio sales pitch and be just as convincing.
I turned back to the animatronics, specifically Harry.* what games would you recommend?
Are there any classics like Pac-Man?
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Student Filmographer
*Harry had his arm locked around Benjamin so he had no choice
but to stay where he was and smile awkwardly.* 

Harry: Yup, just right over there. *He pointed the stand out before
she whizzed away. He released his hold on Benjamin to adjust his bow tie.* 

Harry: Why of course! We've got games from the retro era to spare. If it weren't
for the persistence of a certain snake... *His expression twitched for a moment to
one of anxiety before he masked it.* They would have all been from that time. Now
we have some newfangled contraptions. Motorbike racing and the sorts.

*Benjamin sunk back a bit in this time though once again he was forcibly pulled forward
by Harry to take his role as the secondary lead character.* 

Harry: Benjamin here knows all about them! 

Benjamin: Uh....  

Harry: He'll show you around while I manage the door. *He moved over to it and poked his head out,
narrowing his eyes slightly at the crowd. He seemed to be picking out people to call over and or bombard to
come into their establishment. :,,}* 

Benjamin: R..Right t... Come here. *He muttered, letting out a shaking sigh and he shuffled
his way over to the machines. Good thing the other wasn't out here... Troublemaker he was.
Terrified Benjamin half to death.* 
DimensionalDragons Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*Followed after him. Poor guy seemed a little shy so I decided to be the first one to break the ice.* So Simeon's been giving you guys a hard time huh.....Yeah he can be a real pain to deal with when he's in one of his moods, he thinks everything has to be done his way to the letter or it's not perfect.
*I rolled my eyes, even just talking about him was giving me a headache.*

*It was then I saw one of my favorite games and pointed it out, I had a small smile on my face as the sight of it brought back good memories* Oh look, Frogger! I use to play this all the time when I was little, my family even started calling me treefrog I played it so much.......good times.

*I walked over to the machine and looked at it.* So Benjamin, do you have a personal favorite out of all these games?

*Rachel was having a hard time making up her mind about what to get at the snack stand, there wasn't even that much to choose from compared to the other food stands around the mall.*
Rachel: Hmmmm..........What to get, what to get.....
OpalesquePrincess Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Student Filmographer
*He shrunk back a bit, originally intending to escape from her the
second he could and simply hide back against the machines. At the mentioning
of games, he turned his attention to the flickering screens.* 

Benjamin: U...h...Here. *He muttered and moved over to one of the older machines with a
seat and car wheel. He sat in the seat, his head just barely poking over the top of the wheel 
as he stared at the road moving ahead. Sometimes he got a chance to play it when people dropped
their tokens on the floor and just forgot about them.* 

Benjamin: I like this one. 

*A figure poked its head around the corner, eyeing the employee at the counter who was waiting on the
girl to make her order. He grinned devilishly and adjusted his hat before striding out to meet her; an air of
arrogance hovering around him. This was derived from his jealousy of his brother, who got an entire park while
he was stuck with a lousy arcade. Well now he was forced into an even smaller arcade so his complaints only grew
from there.* 

Henry: We're still setting up the parlor, apologies. There will be more choices at a later time. *If the damned snake
had given him more space it would have already been done, he thought with resentment.* 
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