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RP Comfort Meme

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Roleplay Basics The places I RP at are: - Google Docs, Never tried this one before. Seems more comfortable.
My preferred headcount is... - 1x1
I Post... - 1-2 sentences per post - 1-2 paragraphs per post
Depending on the situation of the event. It could be a short and sweet or intricate reply. I Prefer to read... - 2-5 paragraphs per post - 2-3 pages per post nuff said. I like getting requests from... Group members. If im comfortable with them. I expect my RP partners to... - Reply when you can, where's the fire?

Violet-orb Roleplay Pace I usually reply within: 3 - 6 hours. If I'm fast, I reply within: 30 min. When I'm slow, I tend to reply within: 7 days. When I'm really really busy, I will reply waiting: 1 month. I prefer that people reply... - Read above I'm okay with getting reminders to reply to an RP... - I never feel pestered by being reminded. I tend to remind people to reply... - Never, where's the fire though? The maximum number of RPs I have at a time is... Over 9000!!! (seriously though, not every many)

:DarkRed-orb: Romance I'm comfortable shipping my characters... - Romance is nice but i prefer more action based stuff. I'm okay with my characters being touched if... - *stares in klingon* Depends on the the touch! If you want to ship with my character... - Talk to to me about it, what's the worst that'll happen? a. i stab you? b. i stab them? c. I stab noone? How fast I ship characters... - Depends on the situation/chemistry/character/event. Honestly *pushes glasses up*

Smut...???!!!! - *awkward laugh* maybe. When posting romantic artwork... - IDK PEOPLE wANNA DRAW THIS?! BY ALL MEANS!

Fire-orb Dramatic Stuff When it comes to violent situations in RPs, I'm comfortable with... - Gimmie that violence, gimmie that drama! If you're going to do something violent... - Don't go batshit for no reason. At least have something set up then build up to that sucker punch. If you're going to post dramatic artwork... - I'm sorry, what? You wanna whut? you wanna draw MY OC? OHGODYES PLEASDO. i mean, by all means. Do as you please.

:skyblue-orb: Other Stuff When you post general art work of my characters, I'm fine with it if it's... - Have fun, i don't care. Just dont claim them as your own and i wont send the shadow people for your toes. Pet Peeves... - If you want to leave just say so. I dont own you and there's no contract with the devil. Please express interest in leaving, no had feelings i promise! Ironclad Rules... - Please for the love of all cats on earth, please have a few good headcanons and imagines for me to read so i know what to expect. Also, it'd be nice if the character had a solid personality. Goofy personalities are fun for me to read about!

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