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Rainbow Crash!

Artwork took me about 2 hours or so.

I really liked the episode <3 

HASBRO - My Little Pony Season 6 Fan Art
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Me too!your artwork is so cool!
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I liked that episode too!
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Message from Kkat:


Awesome! B-) (Cool)

I've featured this piece in my latest blog.  (Complete, of course, with your artist name and a link back to your work.) :D

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Thank you for letting me know!
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Really awesome art :D
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Lovely colors.
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Thank you friend :)
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I like what you did with the wings.
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why thank you!
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Wonderful work.

2 hours only? That's very good.
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Yea roughly two hours.

I didn't have to draw any detailed line work so it didn't take as long as I thought.

I do appreciate the nice comment thank you so much
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My pleasure. I like lineless works.
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Wow. Just... Wow.
So much feelings about this art.
It's wonderful to see Dashie in the prime of her life. And your style is wonderful. I can feel the wind in her mane and hear its howl in my ears.
Perfectly done. Thank you so much for this painting kind lady.
I also think negative feedback about this episode is based on an empathy to RD; it's not pretty easy episode to watch. But the final is worth it.
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I'm very pleased that you enjoy my work.

I am female as well ;) hehe
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Kind lady then. Hope you'll forgive me :)
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Already have! :)
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So Awesome!!!!
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