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i'll be under the mistletoe by OpaIescent i'll be under the mistletoe by OpaIescent
aaaand we're back to current art! and i got a brand new tablet to ring it in with <3

so ya girl opal got a girlfriend so that's fun and good and nice

shes so cute i couldn't help myself i had to draw us again for the holigays <3

as i said a few uploads ago, i've been trying to work on an appealing consistent style and, very importantly, color theory! it's not perfect but i'm actually happy with my art for now for once so i've got that going for me. i found that taking your time and paying attention to detail makes everything cleaner and nicer to look at in general, so i'm trying to be more simplistic with my work right now and focus on making things neater and easier on the eye.

i'd appreciate any constructive critique! ;v;

art © me
opal © me
nightingale(?) © me
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December 25, 2018
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