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Summary of Art - [2017]
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Published: December 31, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 OpaIescent
i hate to admit, but i think it's been a nice year for my art! the improvement isn't as hugely drastic as last year's, but it's still there if you look!


JANUARY - yuCk. i remember at this month i kinda wanted to keep my old style but another part of me said it was time for change, which sparked a weird art block and rapid switching between "realistic" styles and "cartoon" styles. often there was a strange mix of the two.

FEBRUARY - i started to work on little details within my art, especially eyes, and extra shading so it wasn't just one layer of sloppily-applied watercolor brush.

MARCH - i drew a lot of lgbt+ themed art this month because i finally came out (and was accepted!). not a lot happened with my art.

APRIL - aka opal discovers and starts to experiment with layer types. started to use a lot of multiply, add(glow), linear burn, and glow dodge layer settings, which is especially visible in the example for the month. also discovered color theory and aesthetics and tried to start applying it to my art, rather than having everything have a normal basic palette.

MAY - art block! didn't draw a whole lot due to the school year coming to a close with LOTS of testing. i drew this though and was pretty proud. it still looks okayish ig?

JUNE - art block continued, that forest fire was the only thing i drew that month. it was for a school project and was an illustration of a scene in a book. i got a 98%.

JULY - i turned thirteen years old! summer vacation being in full swing, i decided to use my free time, as a result of having no friends, to experiment with style yet again. i did a few lineless pieces.

AUGUST - summer wrapped up, and i formed art block, as i always do with the impending doom of school looming over me. i tried to draw some anthropomorphic characters and practice their anatomy.

SEPTEMBER - ew school began again. the only good thing that comes from that hell-hole is having 72926 papers on hand at all times to draw in the margins of, so that's when improvement begins each year. i realized i was unhappy with my style and worked on that. i also started using instagram and tumblr regularly, and used that to get inspiration from others.

OCTOBER - i was loaded with homework so i didn't get to draw a lot, and as a result my art got worse. i tried (and failed) to do goretober, which was the only thing i drew that month, and i only got to day six.

NOVEMBER - this is probably the biggest piece of 2017. that "redraw a scene from one of your old favorite warriors AMVs" trend started, and of course i chose the one that inspired me to start drawing in the first place, alongside splashkittyartist and my friend spow. i wanted to show my immense appreciation to the artist who made the original amv, so i went all out with realism and studying real cats for anatomy and shading. i still love this a lot.

DECEMBER - i redrew something from the beginning of the year, which, coincidentally, is the january example! i guess that's a nice way to sum up my progress from the year. i think i've come pretty far!

all art © me
opal © me
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MellowChanxxStudent General Artist
Oh my gosh,, I feel like May is where your art blew up and turned into something even more beautiful and detailed.
I love it <33 Keep going!
OpaIescent's avatar
OpaIescentHobbyist General Artist
goSH tysm mellow ilyyyyyy??? <3333 that means a whole lot for me ;v;
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MellowChanxxStudent General Artist
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soft-bluesHobbyist Digital Artist
OPAL!! You improved so much!! Your art was heavenly this year and its!!! Very good!! Ilysm!! <33
OpaIescent's avatar
OpaIescentHobbyist General Artist
goSH thanka you so much blue?? <333 same goes for you!! you've improved so much ;v;

ilysmmmm <33
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