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Duskflight Ref - NEW [2018]

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Published: March 10, 2018
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Name - Duskflight

Gender - Cisgender Male

Appearance - Dark bluish-gray tom with a racoon-tail pattern on his tail. He has darker ears, paws, and spots on his face- almost like "freckles".

Name meaning - Dusk: His dark fur, like the night sky. | Flight: He is nimble and swift, appearing to almost "fly" as he runs. He also wanted his suffix to sound somewhat like his deceased mother's.

Clan - WindClan

Age - 24, originally aged 22 when created. 3/2/16

Size - Slightly tall; wiry, but well-built.

Rank - Warrior

Breed - American Shorthair/Russian Blue

Season - Newleaf/Spring

Mentor/Apprentice - N/A

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Voice: Dan Avidan

Physical Status - 90% - Still a bit fatigued from old battle wounds and his now-healed broken paw.

Mental Status - 95% - He's been feeling happier since he's had time to spend with his mate, but he's still troubled by the thought of Leaf-frost's blood on his paws forever.

Emotional Status - 100% - Excited by the prospect of Dreambubble having his kits at last, Duskflight's mood has been lifted slowly, and he's finally broken through his depression.

it seems i've finally redesigned this boy after two years... whoof. i've been meaning to do it for a while, but the RP group he previously belonged to would have made it kinda a hassle to do that. i sometimes do miss DWW, but i think it's a little easier for me and spow to just do our thing with these babies without all the prompts and drama and requirements and random-chance systems interfering... i'm thankful for all the times i had with it, though. i met quite a few friends there!

since a few months after his creation, i kept thinking that my boy looked kinda... dull. i mean, 11-year-old me wasn't really the best at character design. i kinda just... slapped different shades of blue-grey on each other, and tbh it didn't look great. but i finally gathered my courage to draw a shorthair cat and i went at it! i think he turned out pretty nice. i'm super excited to see what spow does was dreambubble <33

art © me
duskflight © me
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PurrfectDaysHobbyist Artist
hello, this is the police. your art is too good >:( we need to put you in prison!!
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CrescentlyskiesHobbyist Digital Artist
OPAL!!! you've improved so mucH sgFGshg\
i remember drawing him when he still had his old design, you're getting so much better <33
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soft-bluesHobbyist Digital Artist
it looks so realistic and stylized at the same time the coloring is amazing oh my gish i love you