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I saw The new Alice In Wonderland today, after waiting for it for around 2 years I have finally seen it. :3 The 3D was just amazing, it worked out so well with the animals and Alice was just perfect.
Being a very good fan of the books and such I really wished for it to be good, and it was. Sadly though I was sad to say the movie made at least 3 mistakes.... maybe more, but I didn't catch them as well, but then again those weren't as big as the three I will list.

One: Now being a good fan of the story I know and I'm sure many know the difference between the queen of hearts (who is bad) and the Red queen (who is good) so tell me why in the movie they were allowed to take both DIFFERENT characters and put them into one? How odd... the queen of hearts in the movie, whom lived in the heart kingdom was always being called the red queen.... mistake number one I guess... I hate when people mix the two D: thinking they are the same person.... Is Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Highschool Host club the same person because they look alike... no.

Second, The white queen, (who was Ann Hathaway and did a very good job) was NOT as blind as a bat, she didn't even have thick glasses like she's suppose to, they got rid of her character view, which upset me very much. Now I know what you must be think, who cares if she didn't have glasses and wasn't as blind as a bat? Well I do, you see any big AIW fan would too, because well it's not normal, it's like taking away Max's Pjs in Where the wild things are, or getting rid of Harry Potter's scar, or even worse not having a ring, in Lord of the rings.... it just doesn't make sense. o.o

Three: If the queen of hearts was in fact The red queen... tell me where are all her chess men? She didn't have a single one, and in the big battle with the white chess men, it looked rather silly to have cards.

Now I know, I'm being picky you must be thinking, but I'm not I'm just telling you mistakes I saw and upset me >.< But over all it was a very good movie, very much what I expected from Tim Burton. The characters were very well done and so funny. I have a new love for the march hair :3 He's so crazy "Spoooon"

Well since the movie was in fact very good, except those you would say small I would say big details, it needs a lovely journal feature.
Here ya go!

burton's alice and hatter by briannacherrygarcia The Mad Hatter by fayrenpickpocket Alice-Looking Glass by SachaKalis Alice in Wonderland cake by Naera Cheshire Cat by spooky-flare Teenage Queen of Hearts by TheBalloonMan :thumb147119044: The March Hare by Naimane The Cheshire Cat 2 by Naimane Alice in Wonderland by Ariochdesign Alice in Wonderland by kayy00 Stu the Koi by peapodlucy:thumb153787685: the Caterpillar by Noukah

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Yeah you are right about all those points.

I saw the movie too and I also was upset :(
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Thanks for the feature! :)
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Yeah, I noticed that too. But it was over all amazing so I forgave them. <3

I saw it yesterday! {Beat you. ;P}

The 3D was really gooood. And Johnny Depp was hawt. X3 Tim Burton did a very good job following the story, besides those three things you listed. :3
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well the story was based 10+ years so the story would be different then the book, but yeah it was good, just got really upset when I saw it :( and DARN YOU FOR BEATING ME!@
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