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Landscape III

Digital Painting based on the DVD tutorial "Introduction To Landscape Matte Painting" by Dylan Cole.

Original Plate Photography found on the Gnomon Workshop DVD.

Photoshop CS2 + Wacom
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I was wondering if it was alright for me to use this artwork for a banner on a roleplay site called "Animal Jam Clans Wiki"? I will gratefully provide you complete credit in your username with a link to your DeviantArt profile as I will also not diminish the appearance of the image in any sort of way.
If not then I understand!
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I was thinking of getting a matte painting DVD or book, but it seems to rely on 3d software and Adobe After Effects for the finished results. Do you think it gives you enough regular, relevant information for just regular digital painting? I just realized the foreground in this pic is probably a photograph, while the distant parts are the matte painting? Still, very well done!
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THIS IS A PAINTING?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? OH MY GOD!! hahaha. I need to get that freakin' DVD!!!
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Excelente! y el cerro de la silla atras, epico! Hail from Nuevo Leon
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Ah, really beautiful. :)
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Great job, I love the atmosphere! :)

I would like to visit this place sooo much, looks so mysterious and wild :D
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I thought this was photography! :wow:
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Awesome work! Im currently working on my first real matte scenery painting myself ^_^
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this is a painting?!
super realistic!!!
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Thank you very much.
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amazing work!
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Thank you very much.
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Thank you very much.
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amazing! great job
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