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Name's Heather, or Kitten, Disco, whichever you'd like to call me. Nice to meet you!

I'm primarily a fanartist but I do original works from time to time. When I'm not drawing I'm playing videogames.


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alrighty, so, i think i've managed to dig my heels in at home enough now to finally get to some real work! in my last post i mentioned i was coming back to dA and doing some spring cleaning (which i still am, this place is even more of a mess than i remember) and now that i'm working from home my time is gonna be dedicated to drawing! i've been brushing up on my skills so that i can produce better content and not ONLY sketches, even though i do those a lot anyway-- that being said, i have finally opened up my patreon! i do a lot of fanart in general, so i'm going to try to give a wide variety of work for multiple fandoms. there's gonna be a lot of different stuff there--ratchet and clank, sonic, final fantasy, dungeons and dragons, all kinds of things. i'll also be doing original works too with my own OC's and fan-characters. if anyone is interested in supporting me in helping me to continue drawing for a living, doing what i love, any help is HUGELY appreciated. or, if you're more
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[blows the dust off my page] um. wow! boy, this website is practically unrecognizable now! hello everyone from the deep abyss, it's been a long time! like, a really long time. the "my last post was 6 years ago" kind of a long time. to be honest, i wasn't really sure about coming back because i had settled too comfortably on twitter and tumblr, but i didn't want to just delete my account here either, i was still too attached to do that. with that being said, my page is gonna be undergoing a big makeover! i'm working from home now, which means hopefully i'll be more active! it's been a pretty crazy past few years for me. moving out, transferring jobs, and then finally deciding to work from home, it's all prevented me from really expanding the way i wanted to. with my fingers crossed, that's different now. i'm going to be changing my name here as well to keep consistent with the handle i have now. i'll post more details later on about what's to come! for now, i have a ton of cleaning
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I had to dig for an hour or so for my login info to this super old account of mine but I just wanted to say that your Ratchet and Clank art was a huge inspiration for me growing up and was what made me want to pick up digital art long ago. I hope you are doing well and wish you success in everything you set your mind on :)

Hello! Just wanna say I really love your art!

...the happiest of (late) birthdays to you...may this year be a joyful and prosperous one...X3
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it. 
Happy Birthday!!birthday cake :D