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So long story short this is..a weird contest in a sense. I want a wolf character designed that is viking like in appearance. This wolf can be any color, just think..
nordic/celtic/viking. Natural colors with subtle unatural colors is a good starting point. Nordic/celtic knotting and runes is also an awesome feature to add. NO Weapons, but light armor is ok. Sensible armor for a wolf character vs massive bulk. Just have fun! let your creativity go wild!~
Sorry for being so vague, but that actually is why I'm struggling to make this character myself lol.

Digital art is NOT required, I fully welcome traditional art.
However some sort of drawing concept is appreciated. Descriptive of the colors in each section is ok, but i do much prefer a colored ref to look at.
Item descriptions vs actual art is ok, just say where everything is and how it looks with your best descriptive text! I like reading too.

In return, I'll be offering slots/items/imports and genos all apart of the prize pool.
As a note, There is the possibility to win multiple times, in addition those that don't win can indeed keep the character for their own use.

this is a grand prize for someone who wows me, hits all the points etc, aka I fall in love. This geno is not available otherwise.

2) (Female - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)

F: Duveteux Coat

T: Bear Ears, Long Tuft Tail, Round Eyes

P: Freckled Fishscaled Cobalt with Tobiano Leucism and Underbelly

G: Cob+nTb/nEl/hU/Fr/nFs

Genos for offer are located here…

Items are in my bank

anything is allowed excluding the Zataro gear and familiar and my krones

My breeders…
please check to see if they have their trials done.

and these imports are up as possible prizes as well, however their names/stories will be wiped before transferring.
Diana and Volocove are both paramount and able to breed, so you may also claim slots to them if you don't wish to own them
Diana, Orchid and Dizarro have art that comes with them
Dizarro is breedable, but has no more slots.
Tanith 3540 by Reos-Empire Orchid 306 by Reos-Empire Dizaro 899 by Reos-Empire Yasuo 8188 by Reos-Empire Zorion 3554 by Reos-Empire Volocove 1366 by Reos-Empire Diana 2295 by Reos-Empire Thadia 0249 by FatesOfPandora Ksena 0144 by FatesOfPandora Volostan 0580 by FatesOfPandora Radioactive 124 by Drakiri-Archives

you are allowed to pick multiple things if your concept/design is chosen. For sure everyone who enters will get at least once prize!
This competition is open ended

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Is there a rough end date ?

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Id say 2 months is a good rough end date. But i will extend it if no one has entered or there is less than 3 entries

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Do you have a preference on male/female for this design?

And super complex vs simpler with markings and such?

I know It's pretty open-ended, but I thought I would ask just in case <3

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Male is preferred, but id be open to seeing a stong ass female lol.

Complex and simple are both ok as long as it looks good together.

Complex if you could explain how you did the design unless its strait forward would be appreciated. I don't have pen pressure available to me, so when designing try and keep that into account.

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I may go and work on him some more, but this is what I have so far!

I'm willing to change colors/add a headshot/etc. I can also simplify stuff or explain how I did markings if I need to, If you go with this kiddo <33

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Looks awsome

O i should add, the markings do NOT have to be restricted to WOR, the group I'm wanting this oc added to is a free-design group so you can totally go wild.

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Ah thanks!

And ya I wasnt really trying to do reos markings, but that's all I've been doing for over a year, so I guess it leaked through lol

It does help while doing natural designs i think XD

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yup that can happen for sure XD i have had it happening in my pallet challenge you can see in my gallery a few times lol

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