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Hey! Listen!

Hello and welcome to all Zelda fans, especially those of you who have a special attachment to the classic Nintendo 64 games. That’s right, this group is dedicated to collecting art and bringing together a community of members who love The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OoT) and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (MM). Please join and help us create a society that will show everyone just how special these games are!

It’s very important that you read and understand this if you wish to be an active/contributing member.
The first two bullet points are the most important. We don't expect members to read all the details after that, but please be aware of the bold font. c:

:bulletgreen: Member Requirements and Joining :bulletgreen:
Every Zelda fan is encouraged to join, but please note that this group is focused solely on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. We expect members to not only be active, supportive, and contribute artwork to our group, but above all we require you to follow our Rules and Expectations below.

:bulletred:Rules and Expectations:bulletred:
*1* Please be respectful of others at all times.
*2* Any art form that deviantART allows is allowed here too. We love all that you do. However, there are special terms for crossovers and Fan Characters (found below).
*3* When submitting art please be sure to put your art in the correct category.
*4* Please promote this club by putting a link or avatar somewhere on your profile, signature or journal. Remember, the more members the better!
*5* Only submit OoT and MM related work or work that has OoT and MM as the dominant theme/idea. Anything else will be declined or removed.
*6* We don't accept stolen artwork, screencaps, bases, dolls, or any work that you haven't drawn yourself. Photo manipulations are welcome but we have chosen to be very selective on what we allow.
*7* Please don't submit sketches, doodles, or anything that looks unfinished. We used to accept these things, but due to recent decisions, we have decided to decline any work that looks unfinished.
*8* New rule, we won't accept any Twilight Princess Shiek art so please don't ask us why we won't accept it.

:bulletblue:What Kind of Artwork to Submit:bulletblue:
We will accept any work that is related to these two games. As stated above in our Rules and Expectations, we accept any form of art that is allowed on deviantART (with the exception of dolls, bases, or anything related to that), however we do have special rules for crossover work and Fan Characters.

:bulletgreen:Fan Character and Crossover Terms:bulletgreen:
We do accept Fan Characters, however, your Fan Character must have a direct relation to OoT and/or MM. For example, if your Fan Character is a citizen of Clock Town or a new enemy that Link must encounter, that is acceptable. If your Fan Character is Zelda’s (or any main character) child or the story surrounding your Fan Character takes place before or after OoT or MM, we will politely decline. To put it in simple terms, if it was impossible to create during the course of OoT or MM, then it won’t be accepted. What do we consider crossover work? Plain and simple: Any work that combines OoT or MM with another fandom (or other Zelda games) is considered a crossover. We will only accept crossovers that have distinctive OoT and MM traits. Please be aware that all crossover work and Fan Characters will be checked and regulated to see if it follows our terms on crossovers. If you are unsure about these terms or would like to check with us to see if your work is accepted here you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to contact one of our founders and ask us questions.

:bulletred:How to submit your work:bulletred:
If this is your first time being a group member and you don't know how to submit your work, you can visit our gallery and find the folder that is the best category for your picture. There's a button on the right side of the folders that looks like a plus sign (+). Click that and select your work from your own gallery to submit to ours. If you are unsure of where your art fits you can find a basic description of what can be found in that folder on the left side.

:bulletblue:Gallery Folder Guidelines:bulletblue:
A description of what type of work goes into that gallery folder is found on the left side of that particular folder. Basically, if you don't know where to submit your work, just go to the group's gallery and click on the folder(s) that you think have the right category. Read the description found on the left side and use your own judgment. We try our best to keep fan projects separated from crossovers and original characters so please help us keep things in order and submit Fan Characters and crossovers into their respectful folders. For example if you have a OoT/MM comic or fan fiction that crosses over with Metroid please put it in the "Crossover" folder instead of the "Literature" or "Comics" folder.

Submissions to our gallery will now be regulated more closely. If you work is declined, please don't take it personally, it might not fit with our gallery description.

Any questions that must be answered immediately please send a note to :icondragonelement11: or :iconfireamy:

Want to learn more about The Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Wiki The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Wiki

Be warned. There are potential spoilers if you follow these links.

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Hello again members, it's been an awfully long time since this group has updated it's journal hasn't it?

As all of you know Nintendo has released a remake of our beloved game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.  Now, if you're anything like me, the thought "What about Majora's Mask? Will we see a remake of that game as well?" crossed your mind. Well, in case you haven't heard already, Nintendo has decided to give us fans a chance to speak up on a possible release for Majora's Mask on the 3DS.

SuperDecimal of :icondeviants-of-zu: was kind enough to give me a journal with all the information you need about the possibilities of Majora's Mask's release on the 3DS...


As some of you know by now, Project Moonfall is a community movement founded by Zelda Universe and Zelda Informer that aims to get as much support possible to try and get a 3DS remake of Majora's Mask as was the case with Ocarina of Time 3D.

How can you help out here on dA? Well there is now an official Majora's Mask 3D group!


Any and all submissions there would be really appreciated to help showcase the support and cry for MM remade for the 3DS! Fanart, Music, Literature - all is welcome!

Additionally, to show support;

:bulletgreen:Sign the Official Petition
:bulletgreen:Like the Official Facebook Page
:bulletgreen:Trending it on Twitter

You can find more information and ways to get involved and show you support at the official Operation Moonfall site.


And that will be all for now. And please, spread the word and copy paste this information into a journal of your own.
Thank you for your time and let's all work together to make this game happen!

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Spread the love and make sure to check out our affiliates too!


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