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Laurent HW

By oOo-n3o-oOo
Background by ~BoomMiC [link]
Big thanks to him !

[updated on 02-21-2011]
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Me encanta, es super real!
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Cool handwriting, stylish! Love love love the presentation, too!!
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Got a lot of character in this font, I will defiantly see about trying to use this. :3
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great, thanks :D
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I love this font, but there's a pretty big problem with it - it tries to install itself as Arial, and that ends up screwing up, well, everything.
oOo-n3o-oOo's avatar
never had this problem befor oO
try redownloading it
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I did, and looked at the file metadata directly which confirmed that it's set with "Arial" as its real name, which is of course incorrect. There's actually several mentions on the web about how it does that. Try Googling "laurent hw arial"
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ok thanks for advertising me ;)
I'm gonna take a look at it asap (i have a fresh new system and have to reinstall my font builder software)
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FWIW here's a screencap of FontBook seeing its "real name" as Arial: [link]

I'm not sure which metadata field needs to be fixed (the "postscript name" field is correct) but the font long description should also probably be changed too. :)
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should be OK now, download the file again ;)
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Nope, still appearing as Arial.
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how did you make this (what program, etc)?

BTW its great! =)
oOo-n3o-oOo's avatar
it's verry simple, i've wrote on a piece of paper, then scanned it, then converted it to vectors in illustrator, and then make it as a font with font maker pro ;)

Thanks for your comment ;)
Thanks!! Love it!!!
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Really like the font, thanks for making and sharing it! I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but I'll find something to use it for and link you to it later. :D thanks again!
oOo-n3o-oOo's avatar
np thanks for you comment and for the :+fav: ;)
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Hy! I used your font here: [link]

Thanks, I loved working with it! :love:
oOo-n3o-oOo's avatar
héhé nicely done ;)
Glad you like it :D
Vivid-K's avatar
Thx. It was fun. :P
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