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Zack Fair

Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core



(Self-learned-lesson-of-the-day : Never give up on a drawing because you think you've "ruined" it. Finish it. Let it become what it wants to be. It may not turn out the way you had expected. You may end up loving it even more. <3 )


Final Fantasy belongs to Square Enix and Mr. Tetsuya Nomura.
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Nov 6, 2010, 7:33:43 PM
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Beautiful! Did you draw that with watercolors? Meow :3 
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That is one of only a few really good drawings of him. However, he looks a little bit too female in this scene.
Oh... my. This is sooooo beautiful! I mean it!
Can I use it as my DA's profile pic? I'll credit you in my bio.
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*cry rainbows*

So ...... pretty .... ;v; Heart 
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Oh I always liked this.
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He always smiled no matter what. He made a bad situation funny. Even in death, he still was smiling...
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aww that smile, his expression is great
It looks so beautiful! I love Zack's expression! <3
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I love the expression on his face =w= it's so soft!
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I wished he didn't die.. he was such a good guy...

Love the picture its so pretty...
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I wish he didn't die man, Wish he was atleast in Advent Children..
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Awesome sauce! :D I'm guessing you used watercolors? :3 it looks great! XD
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it sooooo cuteeeee!!!
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WOW! I love your drawing but what I loved more is what you've said in the description. It was truly inspiring! Glad I saw this drawing :))
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