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Brick by boring brick

OHSHI- I AM DONE! I am happy! I can go eat naow!!

This has been floating about my head for a week or so so I finally decided to sit my arse down and get it done. And I did. And it sbetter than it was in my mind....buuut...I dun think I'm FULLY happy with it yet. I wall be adding bits everynow and then.

So, am I progressing with my art or just stuck in a rut? I dunno.

...I'm just not telling you...cuz that defeats the point.

Paramore - Brick by Boring Brick
Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic

Video: [link]

Time: 17 hours
Program used: Photoshop CS4
Resources used:
Sheet music: [link]
Grass: [link]
More Grass: [link]
Feathers: [link]
Trees: [link] (My own brush~)
Stone texture: [link]
Dress texture: Own stock/downloaded from cd?

You do NOT have permission to use this.
Character and art © Avalon Jane =oOnyaOo
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© 2010 - 2021 oOnyaOo
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This is brilliant!
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Forgot to add when I commented on this that I love Paramore =D
MangaManiacNatNeko's avatar
Not sure why I have never seen this because it is gorgeous =D I love the whole Autumn feel to the top of the drawing and the underneath bit with all the hidden things in the ground makes it feel like thats her past or thats what she is trying to hide, like feeling trapped and drug abuse etc.. Lovely work as always mate you are fantastic =)
outlaw-hoshi's avatar
Have to say , of all, this is my favorite one.. Its really magical imagery that keeps me transfixed and enthralled by the sheer magnificence of it all.. enough to keep you looking again and again, with the same feel of emotion, you have the first time that you see it... a real masterpiece of fantasy
RIOT144's avatar
i love the song and this is amazinggg^^
SomeJaneDoe's avatar
That's so pretty......and creepy all in one! :D
shadowwolf93's avatar
YAAAY PARAMORE! I love how you have the cute little faerie girl in all bright colors and then the dark world underneath.
Starry-Anime's avatar
this looks so awesome!!! i know i love how much symbolism you puT in this!!!
HahaLolz96's avatar
I Love Paramore! This is amazing! (:
GoldRockShooter's avatar
I'm listening to the song right now. :iconchuwyplz:
oOnyaOo's avatar
It's a brilliant song! <3
Paperbag-Ninja's avatar
That is pretty cool I like it
oOnyaOo's avatar
Thank you! C=
gild-a-stock's avatar
:aww: Great work! Thanks so much for using my stock and crediting me ~ but you omitted to send me a link so that I could see what you made! I always LOVE to see how my stock is being used, and then I can add the artwork to my faves :nod: I'm glad I found this :hug:
oOnyaOo's avatar
Oops! I must have missed sending you a link! I have no idea how but I'm happy that you managed to find this through some freak accident! XD
Thank you for your stock! It was so helpful!
gild-a-stock's avatar
:love: No worries ~ I've just been doing some detective work and found dozens of works by deviants who have used my stock that I didn't know about. I just like to see the wonderful variety of ways my stock is used :hug: ... and it's good to see how many people credit me anyway, so that's cool :#1:
ElectraPendulum's avatar
this is absolutely beautiful! I love the way there's something so beautiful and innocent on top of something so....dirty. XD
Her position is amazing and you colored it wonderfully! I love the wings! :D
oOnyaOo's avatar
Wow thank you for the lovely comment!
And I'm so glad you got the whole innocent covering something dirty thing I was going for! XD Your the only one who pointed it out~
I love her wings as well!
ElectraPendulum's avatar
:D you're welcome. It was actually one of the first things that I saw. ^^
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This is wonderful :love::heart:
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