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Heelless Hooves for costume- Made to order



Demon Hooves - 2.0 Epic Hooves Line (2012)

Please mind your children and small pets, as this Demon does have a tendency to make small critters disappear. Don't make direct eye contact with them, and you should survive the encounter.

These are my newest creations, and I adore these little monsters. These Hooves are created with durability, quality, and artistic kickass beauty in their design. High attention to detail is what I love most about my Hooves, be it in the intensive process and creation, to the construction process, to the high quality of the materials I use, to the professional construction of the Hooves themselves, to the hoof tracks you will leave for those to follow... And follow they will...

There is nothing else like these Beauties.. yet.. but you saw it with Oonacat first ;D

These are part of my Epic Hoof line, a separate creature, but related to my Awesome Hoof Line: [link]

With my Epic Hoof Line:
~ All shoe parts are handmade by Oonacat, except for the shoe material.
~ Arch is custom made of one solid piece for you with details and theme
~The fetlock (ankle) flows seamlessly from the arch with continuing detail and theme
~ The hoof bottom makes realistic tracks in dirt.
~ The hoof will flow seamlessly into the shoe upper, with custom details if desired.
~ Taller sculptural detail above the hoof that helps to hide boot/foot visually
~ Claw spikes- hand made- running up the back of the heel and calf.
~ Custom paint
~ Solid pigment throughout all parts (if you nick or chip off the paint while walking, black shows thru).

All of these elements add to the complete look and design of the Epic Hoof Line.

If you wish to discuss more elements that you would like to add to your idea and design, don't hesitate to chat! I create everything by hand, and from the ground up, except the shoe upper, and take exquisite care to create professional level Hooves that last. I believe in creating Art in each pair.

***Please note that the Demon Hooves pictured are not for sale, but to show you an example what I can make for you. Don't be shy, talk to me about your design and ideas, and we will see what we can co-create together!

***Also, Please note that this is a sale price only. I am offering you the opportunity to capture a demon hooved creature of your own for $900. Shoe uppers are not included as many of my collectors all have different visions and themes they wish to achieve. In time, the price will reflect their true worth and nature of $1200.

Video of these little Beasts are soon to come!

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YEEES! SOMEONE WITH THE EXPERTISE FINALLY MADE THESE! I've had this design in my head for years but don't have the tools or the experience/talent to make it myself. Thank yooooou!