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Published: July 13, 2017

   "May I have this dance?" her best friend Ray had asked her.
    It might have been the fact that he asked her this in such an old fashioned way on the dance floor of a busy night club with techno music blasting in the background. Or maybe it was just this uncharacteristically gentlemanly behaviour from someone Lillith was used to see acting more like a hyperactive jokester. However undeniably charming that suave gesture had been, it was so unexpected that she couldn't help but laugh heartily as she took his hand. She closed her eyes as she did, failing to see how his smile softened and his eyes gazed mildly at her.
     Ray loved making her laugh. No other feeling could match it; the way her smile made his heart beat faster and yet somehow feel calmer than usual, or how the look in her eyes always found a way to soothe his restless soul.
     He gently leaned his forehead against hers, in a moment of unspoken, mutual attraction.

art and characters (C) E.M. Syvertsen / oomizuao  -  2017
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ArtsyChick19Hobbyist General Artist
This is so freaking beautiful! Love it! If I had the money, I'd buy the print for my room. :cry:

But still. This is so gorgeous, and I love the little segment you included. I totally ship them! <3
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FiendsToothProfessional Digital Artist

But really, the story is beautiful, and so is the painting. You've done a magnificent job with this piece!!
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SilverSugarHobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous lighting, holy crow...
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RemedysMelody109Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As much as I love them as a couple, amazing really- but hadn't her brother tried to beat him up and Ray holding up Temperance up to Cain's chin?
Ruhmjolf's avatar
RuhmjolfStudent Digital Artist
So heartwarming and beautiful...
Dumitrulangham25's avatar
Dumitrulangham25Hobbyist Artist
oh so happy you finally got ray a girl
Zacepka's avatar
ZacepkaStudent Digital Artist
Love love love Q__Q
Flamy-Star's avatar
Aah I love it, love the colours you used conveying their emotions really well and when I read your usercomment I am once again reminded at how perfect your writing is <3 I love reading it. Grrrrrrrreat work :D
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marcinmen11Student Digital Artist
If I watch that art more time that i see more thinks.
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Maximum993Hobbyist Artist
Fantastic lighting!
transformingguy's avatar
transformingguyHobbyist Writer
Adorable with that description 
jorun1981's avatar
They look super cute together.
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VicnorHobbyist General Artist
Love the colors <3 and ofc the expressions ; u ;
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KilluaRemHobbyist Digital Artist
SiderealStorm's avatar
SiderealStormHobbyist Digital Artist
This is just beautiful ;w;
PequenaRaxa's avatar
PequenaRaxaHobbyist General Artist
New otp, oh my god I so need to read your novel once it's finished and published...
How's it going, by the way?

Also, beautiful art, as always, and this sceene is so heartwarming!
Dragon-Furry's avatar
Lovely piece of artwork. Love the expression on the characters :)
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ReixmaHobbyist General Artist
That is so sweet!
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
I love everything about this, from the details to the characters' expressive faces to the story.
Alagvaile's avatar
Well, thats a plot twist :ponder: ...I'll have to rearrange some headcanons. I was really happy to see some more writing of you, though!I am a dummy! 
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This is absolutely adorable. 
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