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Yoda portrait - realism practice

After I drew the portrait of Hayley Williams, following the advice of viewing the portraits I was to draw as "pure, visual information", I wanted to try drawing something more detailed and challenging. I decided on drawing Master Yoda :D Kinda pleased with this one, actually ^u^ Because the advice works for me, and makes it a lot easier to draw portraits - something I've struggled a lot with earlier. So now that I know what to look for when I draw portraits, all there really is to it is practicing more :) But boy, it's fun to see that I'm finally improving on something again ^-^

I hope this didn't sound like bragging, I really didn't mean it that way ^^; also, I hope you guys like this :)

Yoda (C) Lucasfilm / Star Wars
fan art by: Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2014
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Jeez, great work.
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Realism is one of the hardest to be any good at... and you are definitely good at it!
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Very nice rendition, it looks awesome :)
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can i make a request?
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Looks more realistic than the original puppet. ;) nicely done, Oomi! :D I like it a lot.
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I would really like to see a drawing of when Sam hugged Spike after he called Chuck to stay over at Sam's house... Do you have it? 
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It's really nice! :)

One thing, on this page you can listen to music, it's only classical, Piano, strings and Original Soundtracks that are played... I sometimes feel very inspired when I'm on the site and thaught I could share it with you...

I really love the story about Spike, can't wait untill I can read the rest of it! :D
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Amazing artist, you are....
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...holy living crap...
Den ble kjempe kul. Virker som om han kunne hoppet ut av bildet vært øyeblikk. Go Elise! ^^
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WOW! So amazing! And no way does it sound like bragging, we all have to be proud of our own accomplishments! XD
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Awesome Owo
Looks so real :)
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Hola, excelentes trabajos :)
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Yoda in the originals: To teach us important lessons.
Yoda in the prequels: To do dumb video game shit.
Absolutely fantastic! Do you accept a padavan or do you already have one?
I MUST learn how to create this homogeneos color work! :-)

Do you think it is possible to do it with a human face? I have polycolor pencils, but they lack dark and broken colors needed for a photorealistic face. And trying to blend using black or grey lead to erratic color coverage.
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