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-Totoro Kigurumi-

I drew myself with a Totoro kigurumi :3 I've wanted one ever since I saw these awesome drawings:… ...which this drawing is also inspired by.

so, yeah. I guess that's all I had to say about this one :shrug:

art by: Elise M. S. / oomizuao 2013
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im getting a totoro kigurumi and I have brown hair so this is like me in the future cx hahah i love your drawing style cx
FatPaws's avatar
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooownt =3
ilarizz's avatar
owwww, she is so cute :3
RainCloud10's avatar
awww adorable!!! <3
JisMYpassion's avatar
zrizzelangelo's avatar
Just like my Totoro kigurumi :3 very cute! 
Aus-Sum's avatar
Oh my god, this reminds me of my friend. XD She loves Totoro. This is looking absolutely awesome and purely adorable, my friend. :D Keep it up!
monterrang's avatar
happy fat bunny week!!!
caramellique's avatar
I have something like that. It's a hoodie with the face of a cat on it, and on the hood, there's kitty ears. :3 I have a purple cat one, a jaguar one, a ninja kitty one and a dinosaur one. :D
NelmaThyria's avatar
Ahh this is really cute!
Ask-Elly-Brown's avatar
She looks...Like me! o.o
moonlight72minuet's avatar
love kigurumis, theyre adorable xD and This, is really cute!!
Pennyiscute's avatar
I HAVE A TOTORO KIGURUMI XD I love him and sooo warm ^^

Oki--Kurmi's avatar
ShiroIri's avatar
I want one! That looks so cute!
XxFlameFrost101xX's avatar
Awwwww! This is sooocute
Squiddy-chan's avatar
I have so much love for this piece. :3 Totoro ftw! 
theforrestgirl's avatar
I have a giraff kigurumi!!! They are really amazing and fluffy to have on! :D 
TEK427's avatar
My friend just got one! She says it's unbelievably soft and fluffy. XD
jamesgunner123's avatar
...oh gosh....those are some ADORABLE jammies...X3
tokiratokia's avatar
i want it
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