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Stormtrooper tattoo design

Just for fun, really. :)
needed to draw something to cheer me up a bit :B

I haven't figured out what to do with this design yet. Might put it up for sale, if someone wants to get it tattooed :p Or I'll just save it for personal use, I dunno..
Please don't use it without permission though ^^;

PS: the noise/pixel-ish texture is something I added to make it harder to remove my signature :B just in case anyone wondered..

art by: Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2014
stormtrooper (C) Star Wars / Lucasfilms
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© 2014 - 2021 oomizuao
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Hahaha! I love this! Would be awesome to see it on someone as a tattoo.
Zpyrox's avatar
So fuckin awesome!!! Tattoo on the way!!
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this is amazing! lonk 
Averant's avatar
Yes! Very cool. :D
ooooooooooo. I want this on my body. 
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I'd love to get this tattoo'd.
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trentonh's avatar
So epic, so graceful.
Flamy-Star's avatar
ABsolutely love the shading and hte highlights on the helmet. Makes it look real~ Also like how it's worked out in so much detail. Great work <3 Perfect prom date hahaha
TorisChrusade's avatar
Wait, what? I can't even...
Jzflorider's avatar
nice dude reminds me of the game Payday 2 with the suit and the gloves
lovguru23's avatar
imangin this. a jedi dressed as a iconic old school new york mobster.
Faolanthedemonwolf's avatar
Oh my goodness. I love you. Marry me. Love Love  Love it!!
Wolfs-Pain's avatar
haha man that's awesome
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You should enter this design to shirtpunch, and see if you can get it sold there. I bet plenty of people would buy a shirt with this logo, I would.
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